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Estimated delivery time feature.. within an order, based on queues

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Ok, this wasn’t exactly the easiest to title, but what if there was a feature for delivery time, within an order.

For example.

Let’s say you can set a counter up for a likely delivery time(outside of the end-date delivery time) of which you can deliver the particular order in.

Let’s say you can have it automated.

For example. Let’s say when you get 5 pending orders in Queue, you might have “7 days set” to deliver but since the queue isn’t all that big, you’ll probably be able to deliver it within up to three days and thus you could have a message sent to the seller automatically letting them know the likely time of delivery based on order queue.

Something to this sort? Get what I am saying? I think something like this would be very helpful especially for those that get orders in extreme bulk and a lot of them asking the same question, "I know it says x number of days to expect my order, but when do you think the most likely date would be?"

Obviously at higher order queues at 20 to 30+ you can have the automated message tell them the likely delivery time will be on day 5 rather than day 3. The idea behind this is to save both the buyer and seller time and to better build up confidence and buyer/seller relationships by giving them a heads up almost immediately after ordering when to expect their order to roughly be delivered.

Just a suggestion, feel free to leave input. I think it’s a good idea but it’s not exactly the easiest to explain and I feel it would be a good optional thing to add.

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