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SAVE TIME by Adding a Note/comment box next to each line on the todo list

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When we have a lot of things in our todo list it would be super convenient to be able to have a note/comment box for each line.

How it would work is that my being on this page…


You would be able to hover your mouse over each thing on the todo list and you would be able to see a small popup of what you wrote as a note.

-Waiting on bob to send me logo image

-Ask Jenny about her auto responder needs when she comes back to me with her Youtube video link

This will save clicking through and having a million tabs open. It will help you keep up with what orders can be worked on next as some buyers are delayed in sending through all their buyer requirements and it means you will know at a quick glance that you may as well be working on other orders further down the queue.

I think this will make a big difference in the efficiency of both sellers and buyers alike.

Let me know if you’d like this feature to be added to the site.

The more comments the more likely Fiverr developers will see this and act on it =)

Kind Regards,


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I just use a text file but an actual feature would be nice. It’s kind of frustrating to try to keep track of orders when I sometimes get them in huge volume, and in that case I often don’t remember to write down everything in my own personal to-do list so I end up having to check each orders information.

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