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When In Doubt ~ Find Out


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It is safe to say that majority of new buyers on Fiverr have no clue what to expect after hitting “Finish” when they sign up.

The main thing you have to remember, is to be wise. When you’re not sure what to search for, how to start, what to do or who to buy from…Ask.

Fiverr’s Forum is loaded with tips and information that will secure your safety, money and sanity when shopping on the site.

  1. DO NOT rush to buy from the first seller that pops up when you type in a keyword for what you want. It’s like needing a car so bad, you run to the car mart and swipe your card for something with a seat that has wheels, only to find out later that you bought a wheelchair. Search the forums for your keywords first, not the gig search. Learn a little about what you will be buying, where to buy, what to look for from the seller and basically how to determine if you’ll be getting value for money.

  2. Each seller has different ratings, reviews and most times different offerings. Please note that they each also have different start dates, which means someone can advertise as an expert, but signed up less than 24 Hours ago and mirrored an 'expert’s gig profile word for word. (We have seen this before even with our own gig that was cloned by multiple newbies).

  3. If you have read through many forum posts and still somewhat doubtful as to if your question(s) have been answered - You are now legal and can post your own query in the forum, that will be seen by basically every single seller in the database who’s currently in the forum. You will get good answers if you ask good questions. So cast your doubts to the forums and watch them disappear.

  4. Very Important - Sellers are not slaves. Don’t expect to see everything for $5, and don’t expect to demand stuff from sellers. They’re freelancers, owners of their own business; hence, their own bosses. Majority of the time you will be dealt with respectfully if you are also a respectable person; however, there are some sellers who may not be afraid to give you a piece of their mind if you forget your place (needing their help to complete something for you). Nevertheless, Fiverr can be considered as a 98.4324452% loving family of versatile sellers from all across the planet who will treat you with the utmost respect at all times, especially if they’re established sellers with superb rating and reviews, so you’ll be just fine.

Basically - You are expected to perform just as outstanding as the professionals here, and not be hasty to get stuff done without doing proper research.

Welcome to Fiverr! A marketplace from your home, and if you’re up for it - A customer base from your home as well.

✩ Speedy876 ✩

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Hi, I am new here, and I dont know where I should post this, however when in doubt find out seems to be appropriate. Is there an email address i can send a query to, today I got an email about trying offer a direct payment to somebody, its pretty uncool to send this kind of stuff and not provide any explanation on what it is I have meant to have done.



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