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Why do buyers sometimes go silent? Or is it spam?


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An example conversation…

Hi , I want to order your gig. Are you available to work.

Me (about 5 minutes later)

Thanks for contacting me. May I know what exactly you need help with? Please provide me more information so that we can see what next steps to take.


Waiting for a response …Still Waiting for a response …
Still Waiting for a response 30 days later… Still Waiting for a response


Someone please clear this up for sellers…

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People have short attention spans and get distracted easily when they look around at other gigs and forget all about yours. I’ve done that too when I see a gig and decide to buy it, message the seller and then move on immediately to something else which catches my eye, forgetting about the first gig. It’s good to send a custom order when someone sends you a question about a gig.

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Send custom offer you mean? I think so; for me its too early to send a custom offer when you don’t even know what the buyer needs.

Yes, the short attention span excuse is good enough and if I don’t get feedback, I will let it go.

I have had an experience last year where a customer ordered a gig and never looked back until 4 weeks after delivery, he came and left me a negative review saying I didn’t do as he wanted.

Of course, my policy is to give my client unlimited review, including refund if it comes to that, and I contacted him about what he wanted me to do, off again for another 2 weeks, that was when he replied. I made the corrections and sent the work again, he didn’t show up until 4 days later and now told me he was sorry about the negative review and asked to he change it, unfortunately, he couldn’t.

So, when I have a customer that won’t respond, like the case under comment, I would rather such a customer go, than keeping me endlessly hoping he would show up one day.

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Also many times a buyer may be in a hurry and simply message several people. And the first person that responds back may be who they go with. Also, sometimes people who aren’t really serious may message, but then decide they don’t want the service. Also, may of those ordering may have very poor English skills and may get intimidated by large or a lot of words. There are lots of reasons. I try to just blow it off.

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