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I'm new please help


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@mukeshsingh661: First understand fiverr is not an easy place to earn money. There are lots of competitors having same talent that you have so you have to be the best to get going.

Also you will have to find out that what you are good at so you can create your gig to start working towards success.

Also you will have to keep in my mind that your Gig title, Gig description, Gig Images should be good as well as use such thing that best describes your business,

Thank you 🙂

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Are you trying to buy? Sell?
It’s actually very simple: Read. ALL you need to know how to get started is explained in the
website. If you are not willing to put in the time to read through everything, it would be hard to
find success here. If you want to create a gig, read/look through the website and you will be able to find out what you need to do. You can also try reading this too, it might give you an idea:
favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

Before you post "How can I get sales? Please help!" Try reading this first. It...

Admin Note: Thread closed at request of post author but will remain available for reading. All sellers are strongly encouraged to read and use the tips within! ? I am aware that many new sellers post "I can't get sales, please help" almost...

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Hello and welcome!

There is plenty of tips to read about here in the forums so anything we could tell you is already here if you take the time to look around on here, especially at the top of this forum called “Tips for Sellers”.

It’s up to you, not up to us to tell you what to do. It’s simple. All you have to do is read this forum and try creating some gigs, and make them look good. It’s not hard at all.

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The words “I will” and “for $5” are already there so just fill in the middle part like “create a great spreadsheet” and don’t put a period at the end either. Your title can’t have symbols (like :;! Or others) and if you have a word in all caps like GREAT you can only have one. If that doesn’t solve it, write your exact title in your reply and someone will probably spot the problem.

When you have a question like that, it’s also better to put your own post on the forum. In a reply it’s easy to miss.

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