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Blocking Buyers


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Guest essyjoseph

I have read in another post that its impossible to block buyers. Well, you can use the report button to block him for just a while but this doesn’t block him forever.

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Mario don’t leave because of this! We all deal with this sometimes. Just use the automatic answer with a message you hit every time he sends a message and have it say
"I apologize but I am too busy to answer now. Have a nice day."
Keep using this same message to him each time. Reporting him won’t work. This will.
You can cancel the “report” and allow his messages to get through to you again.
Then send him this same reply each time.

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OK. It has stopped for now.
I really can’t deal with morons. I tell him politely to *** and he keeps coming back with his stupid files.
I leave him reported for now but if I keep receiving his garbage I will follow your advice.
Gosh, I’m such a peaceful person but in moments like this I want to do everything with them I ever saw Joe Pesci do to people in ‘The Good Fellas’

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Wouldn’t it be amusing if they got the overpriced offer in their email, clicked on the go to gig link and got immediately sent to PayPal to send $10000 automatically and… oooh, I can already taste the delicious meltdown when the “Fiverr credit only” comes to light…

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Guest essyjoseph

Fiverr has all kinds of buyers
Yesterday i got a message from a buyer who wanted me to write 25 articles with Words: 750 - 1000 words each for $10. It was as the following

Here is the message from the buyer
thanks for your interest.
I have lots of article related work pending, you could expect repeat works basis quality.

Topic: Electric Cars, concept electric cars, future electric cars, electric battery car experiments related tech news
Keywords: electric car, features, self driving cars, renewable energy, tesla, leaf etc
IMAGES: Quality images should be part of article
Words: 750 - 1000 words

easy topic, I will give you 2 gigs for 25 quality articles… (7 days time)


Topic: related recent news
Keywords: news related
IMAGES: relevant quality images should be part of article

Words: 750 - 1000 words

I need total 20 articles, will only order 2gigs total. letme know if u can do this (7 days time).

More work on the way if you deliver these fast.

Note: quality is paramount for me, even if delivery time slips, I need quality.


MY Reply
You serious? 25 articles! 2 gig. NO NO NO NO. I CAN’T DO IT

HIS Reply
Sorry . I’m running a tightship now.

Task1 + task 2+ Task3 = 65 articles, 2 weeks time = 6 gigs + (I will throw in another 3 gigs If you deliver quality.)

Each induvidual articles needs to be > 750 words.

This is bulk work, if you cant take it up. Thats okay, will get back to you when I have something else

MY Reply
Well, i cant say how i replied to him but i made sure that i have written in Caps-lock in order to make it more clear.

My advice is to make it STRAIGHT and Clear.

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