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Tips To Increase Fiverr Sales


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What!!! You uploaded that gig two weeks ago and still no sale? Its quite simple, something is not right. Its said that if you want to make sales in the Fiverr market, treat it like a physical market where you have to convenience a potential client to make him a client. If you want to do that, address these issues first.

  1. PUT A PROFILE PICTURE: Pretty Obvious, Right? It is said that we are moved by what we see. Most people would like to buy from a profile with a picture than one which is blank or uses the default Avatar. Make sure the profile picture is attractive and worth looking at.
    I know not everybody is a Chris Brown or Miley Cyrus so that’s where Google comes in. Use Create or upload an attractive pictures and use them.
    Careful not to use a celebrity picture or it would have an opposite effect. Have you ever wondered why customer care representatives are always so attractive? Its to get you to buy more and become a client. Same applies to Fiverr, an attractive cover photo would bring in a few extra sales

  2. MAKE THE GIGS EXPLANATORY: I was browsing through some SEO Gigs on fiverr and had two chose between two of them. Lets call them A and B. Gig A had a better title than Gig B but when I looked at the description of Gig A…”Order my gig and I promise you full delivery.
    Its an SEO gig for more traffic”. But Gig B explained in details how he plans on optimizing pages, social presence, doing more social bookmarking and stuff.
    The seller with Gig A may have better offer, but his marketing was poor and there Seller with Gig B would make more sales. So start today and put effort in making the gig descriptive enough

  3. SELL BOTH YOURSELF AND THE GIG: Its Okay to give assurance to the sellers by letting them know how good an expert you are in the field the gig is about.
    After writing a good and explanatory description, you can end it with a self praising assurance. Keep it short and within 1 or 2 lines. Over doing this would make you seem desperate.

  4. TARGET KEYWORDS IN DESCRIPTION AS WELL AS TITLE: There is nothing much to say you. If you are selling a gig about Fixing WordPress Errors, target it atleast three times in the description and one and half in the title.
    For instance the title can be I will Inspect your WordPress Blog and Fix WORDPRESS ERRORS. You notice how I mentioned wordpress twice in the title and the targeted keyword WordPress errors is in capital letter.
    Now that you have addressed the above mentioned tips, lets move over to the killer tips that could increase your sales by over 200%, shall we.

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I strongly disagree with part of #1. When I see a profile picture that is stolen from Google, I don’t buy from that seller. To me it indicates a potentially dishonest seller and on a new account, maybe even a fake account. I know
many new sellers try it because they read Tips suggesting it, but on Fiverr being person and real increases your sales chances greatly.

If you don’t like the way you look, you can do a little editing on your photo or hire someone to do it. You can also go with a unique logo if it’s good enough and truly your own.

These tips appear like they’ve also been copied from somewhere without due credit to the source. I hope that isn’t true or it makes the post author look dishonest too.

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To be honest, I don’t think that your profile picture has anything to do with your sales. And people really don’t pay attention to see how you look like, it’s not relevant to your services, especially online. Why should they care about your looks when you are sitting behind a computer and carry the job perfectly? It’s my own personal opinion, but I think buyers are attracted by skills, not looks.

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