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Any suggestion?


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Hi everyone!

I am a level one seller, I’m here since October, I think.
fiverr has been an incredible experience and I think I haven’t done too bad … but not so excellent either.

But I’m always looking for more!
I have been reading all the topics about how to improve, how to have more sales, have a professional profile and gigs, etc.

Today I want to ask you personally, how I can improve this gig?


It’s my best gig.

I wonder if you have any suggestion for me.

thanks you!

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I was looking over your profile and your gig. I can say that you are definitely on the right track. Your description looks organize and easy to read and also you have Packages Available which makes easier for your Customers to know what they are paying for.

Since Graphic & Design is very competitive category and in order to get more notice I would recommend approaching buyers through Buyer Requests. Once you start getting more Reviews and Orders in Queue, you gig will get more notice and orders.

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My suggestion would be is to make a video… Video increases sales by 220% Using a video you can show more samples of your work for your best project of different styles and customization that you can do also highlight your packages and that can give you a great boost.

My 2nd suggestion increase more gigs as the saying goes all roads lead back to Rome… more gigs more roads lead back to you. You got good design and people like your work just need to grab more attention and market share from your competitors.

Fiverr is an awesome market but its extremely squeezed market where everyone is offering similar or the same services so you need to stand out from most of the other competitors so you get the spotlight!

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Thanks guys!! I have another question… should i make more gigs about what i do better or just vary in them? I mean, my principal gig is “do an amazing and original lettering…” should i make another one about the same thing but like on t-shirts?

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