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New Seller In December


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Your gig and video look pretty good to me, as long as the images were really made by you. One problem is that there are so, so many logo sellers on Fiverr. A few are very good but many use copied logos or software generated ones. The competition and the bad apples make it a tough gig to break in with.

Perhaps you could try for another gig or two. Try to come up with something unique. You need to really stand out either due to a unique product, an amazing bargain, or something like that.

Use buyer requests and ignore the sellers misusing it. Find buyers there and make them offers too good to turn down. In the beginning you may have to work a LOT for just one gig, but it will pay off later. It also can take months to get rolling.

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I have started my gig on Fiverr since June 2015 and had just one order. From my experience, not much help from Fiverr for new sellers as there is a lot of competition.

We are on our own unless the gig is really unique and some buyer catches it.

The only way for us to try is using the Buyer requests which gets spammed with a lot of sellers promoting their own gigs. Expect a lot of competition there as well.

If possible you need to do your gig promotion outside of Fiverr maybe in places like forums, groups, etc.

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thanks again i have done adding my second gig and i get first order as you say thanks dear
here is the gig see any error of that
favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

2nd Gig in Second Day

i have publish now my second gig anyone can help me about errors in there thanks im waiting for comments thanks

tell me i am waiting

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