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Confused! Let me know what you thinks about below


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They are two different file formats. A.png file format may be good enough for online use, but for print quality it may not be enough. Basically a .png file is an output file type from a source file. Normally you need the source file to use to create new pieces of work with the logo on it. So the quality may not be high enough of a .png

I do not agree that you should ask the buyer like everyone says, this is a technical question that they are asking you if you are able to do. As a seller who provides a service, when you get asked a question like that, just google it to learn more about it…

Go to google and search for:
difference between a .png and a vector

Many things will come up if you search to explain what a RASTER mage is compared to a VECTOR image.

Having to recreate a logo in VEctor formal, depending on how complicated the logo is, might be a big design job just to recreate the logo.

Here, this article kind of gives a good breakdown but search google and read some other articles too, it will be helpful for you.

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I had a Raster Mage once but her armor was terrible and her spells weren’t good either. 😉

To the OP - I would research as @sincere says here and also talk to the buyer. I bet the buyer wants you to duplicate their logo on a business card but they don’t have a vector format version of the logo. If you just use their non-vector image, the quality won’t be great. Tell them so. If you have the tools and skills to convert you could charge them more. Research first and don’t promise something you cannot do.

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