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Ways on how to improve my gig


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I am fairly new to fiverr only a few weeks old. In that time span I have created 4 unique gigs. I was wondering if you guys would be so kind as to check out my gigs and give me words of improvement.
I am trying to improve and learn new skills in order to produce more gigs in the future but I would love to get help from outside sources such as you all in order to improve my current ones.
If you would be so kind as to message me with anything that pertains to this question I would be satisfied. Any suggestions no matter how harsh 🙂 is fine. My goal is to improve my gigs.

Thanks in advance,

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One potential issue is that your gigs are all unrelated, which might make you look like you’re not an expert in anything. Most of the successful sellers I see have a niche, and I’ve certainly had buyers find me through one design gig and end up ordering a different one. If you reworded your gigs to seem similar, you might look more reliable. For example, since you have a translation gig, what about writing all your gig descriptions in both English and Spanish?

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