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Dealing with intimidation from a buyer, help suggestions please


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wondering if there’s any process for intimidating emails from a buyer who is dissatisfied with a work. I have a buyer who approved a gig and now is complaining because it didn’t do what he wanted for him saying he’s going to try to ruin my reputation etc., probably familiar to people. Is there a way to flag this person to Fiverr? The report link seems to only deal with spam. any help is greatly appreciated.

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If this buyer is threatening you, you should take a screen shot of this message and
send it to Customer Support, especially is this person did approve your gig.
Maybe he/she is trying to force you into cancelling the gig so they can keep the delivered gig
but you need to give them a refund?
Whatever the reason behind their action is, threatening is not allowed.
Send Customer support the screen shot of the message of him/her approving your delivered gig
along with the threat messages.

I’m not sure what the outcome will be, ( and the gig might get cancelled) but at least this
buyer might get banned or something.
Good luck!!

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