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LUCK matters alot when you are a FREELANCER!

Guest rajat11

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Guest rajat11

HI guys

I have heard from my parents and my grandfather a lot about luck and destiny , I think they are true because In freelancing not everything depends on your skill set and how will you present yourself. I am saying this because I have seen many gigs on fiverr where the seller have a lot of spelling mistakes in there gig description but they are on level two. How a buyer buy your gigs when you have spelling mistakes in your gig description and you are saying I will give you a superb article.

I think they are the most lucky person on the earth because they don’t have skill set but they have the lucky factor in them.

If you also feel that comment some incident



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Guest reinier01

I agree with the OP about luck playing a role in freelancing- I find that the harder I work, the luckier I get. Perhaps he should try it.

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First of all you’re a fool for not following people’s advice and a bigger fool for not asking questions based on what you read,

This is what you need to do for your gigs…

  1. You got to go get some walnuts from the store, and put them in your pocket so you can at least have some kinds of nuttz in your pants that you should have normally developed when you grow up to become an independent adult.

  2. and get some real business going by being a real man and start reading about business and read business books or go to a business college if you want to do business, yes this includes being savvy enough to read forum tips and people’s guidance in READING.

  3. Luck is luck but it isn’t the same has BUSINESS LUCK SIR foolio.

Let me give you an example your little mind can understand and you can relate being that you’ve ticked me off already for not follow the people’s forum advice. messaging everyone in their inbox asking for a hand out by purchasing your gigs… and acting like a baby that needs his bottle and to be spoon fed.

REGULAR LUCK, is WISHING one day you will find $100 dollars on the floor.

BUSINESS LUCK, is GOING and WALKING around for HOURS at the parking lot around every single BANK you can find locally to you.

What are the chances you will find $100 dollars walking around a Bank versus walking around a grocery store?

So before you start talking about other people’s gig and start talking about what you think “luck” is or how lucky fiverr people are because your mama and nana told you, ASK. READ. ASK AGAIN.

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