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Using Fiverr's Message Labeling System as a CRM


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Hey Fiverr sellers!

Some time ago, before the message labeling system was available I used a customer relationship management (CRM) program outside of Fiverr to keep track of my leads. When I received a new message from a potential client on Fiverr, I would reply to them and then put their info into my CRM. From there, I could set reminders to follow-up with those leads on specific days and nurture those leads until conversion. When I put this process in place, my leads were more likely to convert and the buyers were so appreciative that I followed up with them.

Enter Fiverr’s Message Labeling system: Now I no longer need a CRM to manage my leads in Fiverr. By using their message labeling system I can easily keep track of my leads while keeping it all contained in Fiverr. My process is simple, but it’s worked well for me so far. I currently have 3 Labels set up that I use on a daily basis. 3 Day Leads, 7 Day Leads, and 14 Day Leads. When I receive a message from a new potential client (lead), I label their message as a 3 Day Lead. After 3 days, if I haven’t heard back from them I send them a message using the Quick Response feature (another feature that is insanely useful). If after 7 days I haven’t heard from the lead, I respond with another Quick Response and change the label of the email from 7 Day Leads to 14 Day Leads. On Day 14, I send a message to the buyer with a Quick Response that basically is asking for some info about the project (was it cancelled, was my quote too high, did I not provide a service that you needed, etc.), so I can learn why I (most likely) lost this lead.

Since putting this into place, I’ve been able to drastically improve my conversion rate using the message labeling system and it’s so much easier than having to update a CRM outside of Fiverr.

I’m curious to find out how you’re using Fiverr’s features to find new leads, nurture those leads, and eventually convert those leads to a sale. I’d love for this to be a place we can all share ideas as Fiverr releases new features like these that can greatly help our sales.

If you’d prefer not to post it publicly here (and I completely understand that), feel free to message me any time! I’m an open book.


Web Designer, MailChimp Expert, and SEO Guru

Josh aka JShrade

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Guest technomaven

I too do something very similar and find it to be useful.

However, this “CRM” capability is still way to limited! At the very least, the limitation on a maximum of 3 tags needs to be increased.

I like your idea of using one of those tags to track where exactly that lead is positioned inside your “funnel,” with a focus on WHEN do you need to revisit that lead and nurture the conversion process.

But I also use tags to:
[1] classify WHICH of the various gigs or topics is relevant to that lead,
[2] record how SATISFIED the Buyer was with my previous gig-deliveries (and/or how relevant that Buyer is for subsequent upsale attempts,
[3] record various things like “GaveMeNiceTip”, “GaveWowReview”, or even “ShadyCharBeware”.

Likewise, the ability to search for more complex combinations of tags would be very helpful.

Finally, as I mentioned in these two Forum posts/comments:

… IMHO a “CRM” system should allow us to record info not just for
[1] people who have messaged us [], and
[2] people who have already bought from (or sold to) us: []

… but also for ALL Fiverr members in general.

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Reply to @technomaven: Thanks for your ideas here! I agree using this as a CRM concept is definitely limited.

I’m sure they’ll be developing some wonderful new features in this area soon. It would be nice to be able to record info for non-clients, but this could be a bit of a slippery slope. Obviously, we want to gather new leads, but we have to be careful in how we’re obtaining those leads. We have to be careful that the shadier sellers here could abuse that system by spamming and prospecting, which none of us ever want to deal with.

I think for now sticking to the Buyer Requests feature will work for me, as far as seeking out new leads.

Thanks again for your comments!

Web Designer, MailChimp Expert, and SEO Guru
Josh aka JShrade

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