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I’m not sure if I’m really getting what you are trying to say here, are you asking about
how you should reply if a potential buyers contacts you to ask questions etc, and make
him/her want to place an order?

One thing is to make sure you use capital letters properly. I’m not sure if you are
typing in such a way because this is the forum and you don’t really need to be formal, or
is that how you normally type?
Another thing I’ll say is try not to sound too pushy or desperate. Of course if we get a
message from a buyer asking for a quote, etc, that means potential business and we went
to keep those people, but we won’t want to scare them away either.

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Write a gig description, fill your tags up, wait.

You can make your own response templates for inbox messages to keep your response rate at 100% if that’s something you want. It means next to nothing (outside of your recorded response time, which doesn’t appear to be affected by non-response–that affects something only you can see)

I dunno just be yourself. My conversion rate is 1.8%! Which is below average, yet look at me and my big shiny TRS badge!

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