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Please help me i need help

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Okay so i sell instagram shoutouts so this buyer messaged me & asked me how much followers he will gain with 1 shoutout and i replied him i can’t say how much you will gain because it all depends on account’s theme so can’t really say anything

but he still ordered my gig so then i posted his shoutout and my gig is shoutout for 10 hours so i delivered the order but now BUYER KEEP REQUESTING to modify the order and cancel the order he saying he didn’t gained anything ( i didn’t said how much buyer will gain not even in my gig )

but i’m sure he had 625 followers before posting shoutout now he has over 690 followers i asked him how you gained then and he said because i followed people and they followed back something like this ( basically buyer is lying why would someone order any gig like this if they can gain easily by following people )

but i’m sure he gained from my shoutout since i got over 8k likes on his shoutout post

but it does not matter since i don’t guaranteed anyone about followers

so what should i do ?

he is keep requesting to modify and cancel the order

i’ve done my work but he is lying at all

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Selling likes, shoutouts and other social media followers is against the rules of both those social media sites, as well as Fiverr. Stop selling them immediately, or you risk having that gig – or even your account – being removed by Fiverr.

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