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An Introduction to J.L. Goff


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Hi, I am J.L. Goff, and I want to be called Mr. Goff. I only use my initials because I want to keep my name under wraps while I am working with my real initials, and my real last name for a pseudonym. I don’t want the average person looking me up and finding me while I’m living my personal life. There is a time for professionalized, and there is a time for personalized times.

Let’s face it – the world is becoming more and more in need of writers, and writers need money too, so I heard of this website from my mother.

A little of my background:

I am a 20 year old male born on 6/19/1995. I am looking for work. In the beginning, I was raised by my mother alone until age 9. My mom married my other mom; They are both artists of sorts: my birth mom is a writer, and my mom who adopted me so I could have her last name, aka my adopted mother, told me about this website.

I am earning credits in English so that I can leave Fragglesrock Community College in Fragglesrock, MA. 01606 and get a bachelor’s degree in English. I want to climb the ropes to a master’s degree. My birth mom is a writer without a degree, and her books sell, but not much. My adopted mother, P. Goff, has a degree in graphic design and a certificate in commercial art.

So, then there’s the question that dawns on us all: why did you choose to become a writer?

Well, I became I professional writer after writer for over 8 years now, and I think it’s time for me to do something with it. R. Goff taught me many lessons about writing indirectly: I read some of her writing. I, as her son am continuing her legacy – writing is a journey, not a product.

I have been inspired in my writing by Williams Shakespeare, R. Goff, and Benjamin Burnely of Breaking Benjamin. In that we have Scripts of various forms, Lyrics and Poetry, and the various forms of novel-writing.

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Oh man… let me give you a tip. Nobody cares about you apart from your loved ones and friends. People you work for only care if you do a good job. They don’t care about your pro/personal life compartmentalization. They don’t care about your (personally judged) Top 10 Articles. They don’t care about your personal life. They’ll call you whatever the hell you want to be called, but you don’t need to educate them why. They don’t care.

We don’t care. Go make some more gigs that focuses on the CUSTOMER and not your innate genius. Because you’re not. None of us are. Sort out your Fiverr bio on your profile page while you’re at it, too. That’s good and honest advice. You can tell your clients all about your fascinating inner life when you get to know them better, and even then, keep it professional. And as a writer, you must be able to spot the glaring error in “I became a professional writer after writer for over 8 years now”.

Sort it out!

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If you are a writer, “Mr. Goff”, why is it you do not offer any writing Gigs? You need to add more Gigs in areas that you are qualified for so that you can get the maximum exposure.

Also, if you wanted so much anonymity, you could have chosen a name other than “your name” - you could have chosen something like Amazing Writer, Article Master, I Write For You or something. YOU chose to put your real name out there, so, complaining that you want to hide behind your initials so that your professional and personal life do not intermingle is a bit odd.

I am sure with all your confidence you seem to have about yourself and your qualities as a writer, you will do fine here after you sort out your Gigs.


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In looking closer at your Gig, you give your lead time as 29 days!?!? I hate to break it to you, but, taking close to if not a month to edit or proofread is not going to get people wanting to take a chance on a new seller like you, no matter how great your legacy is. I know you offer 1 day delivery, but, if it takes you normally 29 days, how is it you can suddenly do this task in 24 hours? Also, the part where you have an Extra charging to revise work is redundant - in your Basic Gig you already offer to do revisions for $5, so why would I want to pay another $20 plus wait another 14 days (for a total of 40+ days for my work back? Again, I know you offer speedy service, but, I agree with emmaki in that you need to get your Gigs in order.

Also, if you are a “writer”, you sure wrote the shortest description of what you will do for a client. You need to explain in detail what that $5 will get the client - the way your Gig is written now, most are going to think you will slave away for them for pennies. Most writers/editors/proofreaders here put a LIMIT on how many words they will edit or write. Typically for newbies on this site I have seen 500 words = $5. Once you level up and become established, you can then cut that back to 300 words or whatever you choose. Without putting a LIMIT on revisions (yeah, I know you have it as an Extra, but it makes no sense at this time in your Gig) you are opening up a huge can of worms where someone will keep sending back the copy and having you essentially re write it over and over. Do you really want that? Have you looked at the established editor/writer/proofreaders listings? I don’t mean look at them and then copy their words, but, it will give you a basis to go on as far as what to offer and to have LIMITS. Unless $5 is worth 10 hours or more of work for you writing or editing/proofreading/revising, I would take a second look at that!


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Thanks, GG, I never really thought about it. I took a first glance at the first person who wrote to me and thought they were harsh, but with someone close to me coming in and saying it’s ridiculous because I’m not established, booked, or making money right now, there’s no possible way I can scale that kind of business without being heard of. I know now that you guys are right, but hey == we all need a little correction and guidance in life, so I thank you.

J.L. Goff.

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I’m assuming that you are not using your real name anyways, but then, my question is:
Why are you posting 2 posts that are totally not relevant?

I think that you are simply trying to get attention which I certainly will give you right now.

I just don’t understand your post, what are you trying to say?

If you need 101 goals for your life, I’ll gladly give you them, please message me. Meanwhile here are some, 20 for now…

  1. Have lunch with a successful philanthropreneur.
  2. Speak at a business, tech, leadership, or web conference.
  3. Sing at a major conference.
  4. Attend a book signing.
  5. Write and publish an ebook.
  6. Write and publish a book.
  7. Perform in front of a stadium of people.
  8. Host a creative workshop.
  9. Design a Brandbook.
  10. Purchase a pair of TOMS Shoes.
  11. Meditate with a Monk.
  12. Attend an electronic rave festival.
  13. Throw a party for everyone else on my birthday.
  14. Get casted as an extra in a film, tv show, or commercial.
  15. Paint a canvas and place it on my wall.
  16. Graduate from GSU with a BBA in Marketing.
  17. Post a YouTube video that generates 1 million views.
  18. Go on a missions trip.
  19. Own a piece of art from an artist I admire.
  20. Go scuba diving.
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No worries, I want to turn 21 anyways so I can get some more classes under my belt at my college. I am planning on being there until I am almost 23 and then continuing to a 4 year college in my state called Worcester State College. I need a 2.5 GPA, and I have a 3.15 as of right now. Anyways, turning 23 would mean the most for me since I would be just about graduating with an associate’s degree. I am going this slow with college because of my learning disabilities, and I need to slow down with my pace so that I can make it out thriving than just surviving.

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