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Let's all participate to stop payments via paypal

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Hi, a lot of us know and maybe had an experience like this :

if somebody let’s say makes multiple orders from you with big amounts of money, you do your job and deliver them all on time, he likes them and gives you 5 stars rating. Do you know that if he makes a dispute via paypal claiming that he didn’t autorise this transactions, all the money will be taken from your account without even investigating anything !! even if you don’t have money you will have negative balance, all the ratings will be removed, and the buyer can keep all the work you’ve done, and fiverr will tell you like they tell eveybody with a copy/paste message that “it’s out of our hands” !!!

Do you want that ?

Some orders require me to spend some money to finish them and deliver, what if I spend a lot of money to finish the orders and deliver and then he takes back his money and free orders, what about the money I spent !! nobody will give you your money back…

So why keep this happening, why not stop payments via paypal since you have nothing to do when a dispute is filed but to give the money back and leave us sellers with nothing but a message saying sorry it’s out of our hands !!

Why keep something like this going on and on and the only loosers here are sellers !!

I don’t feel safe at all as a seller, I’m afraid now of working on other orders !!

You can participate, maybe I’m just stupid and it’s ok to work hard on an order and then they take away my money and effort just like that !! it’s ok right fiverr !!

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Suggestion Box since this is not a tip but something that appears intended for Fiverr staff to see.

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Unless anyone in business is paid in cash there will be times when this happens not just with Paypal but with credit cards and checks. This is called “the cost of doing business” and happens at times to anyone who does any type of business that isn’t a cash only business.

It is not the fault of Paypal, and it is not the fault of fiverr. As long as people can pay with credit cards it will always happen at times. And it happens to all businesses.

Paypal has to do this just as credit card companies have to do this. Fortunately most people are honest and fiverr blocks the accounts of those who do this. Fiverr loses out too when this happens. If my credit card number was stolen and used on Paypal, then when I saw the charges I did not make and Paypal forced me to pay them even though they were not mine, Paypal would go out of business. So it has to be the way it is.

I’m sorry this happened to you and it’s happened to me too.

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It would be great if Fiverr let us defend ourselves when these kinds of disputes come up. It’s been suggested on the forum before that the reason they don’t fight chargebacks is because they want to keep a good working relationship with PayPal. Personally, I don’t find that fair. I’d much prefer to be able to show PayPal the history of the transaction and the delivery I made, so they can see that not only did the buyer place the order with full knowledge of what they were doing, but they also received what they asked for.

That said, I think misscrystal said it best: it’s the cost of doing business and not something that just happens on Fiverr. In fact, the first time I was ever “charged-back” on PayPal was not from a Fiverr client.

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I do feel your suggestion is extreme. I have had a PP charge back 2 or 3 times before but I still will not support a complete stop of payments via Paypal.

I would rather suggest Fiverr allow sellers defend themselves in case of a charge back. Don’t just block buyer account and shave seller funds. It is ridiculous and we always remain ridiculous to me.

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