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Possibly scammed by a buyer - don´t let your talent be stolen!


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I received recently a message from a user, can i say the name of it?, pretty shure i would like to know the reputation of this user and for shure i will track him down, he is called “xxxxxxxxxx” …not saying yet that, but this is the history:

He contacted me requesting a musical theme for a movie exposition he needed that background theme of some narrative script sequence, as he requested me i sent him a piano piece improvisation as a draft and i asked him if the theme concept was ok to work on it for the project so if he says me a yes i should start to sent customized offers to him,

when he responded me he said that the music was lovely and it was very good for the exposition BUT…he requested me if i could send him 45 seconds of the theme (as i specified a based price for every minute of music composed) he argued that it was for the person who will make the narrative script to get a sample of what was to be used.

i just told him that shurely that with the track i already sent him (with some mistakes and false notes but in context he had a theme to follow for any test) the script could be practiced and get to work, and the next step should be to define if the track should have a custom drumstyle, what type of harmonization, the tone, the time to be finished and delivered and after defining that we could put the final price for the gig.

i waited a week and no answer received.

the exposition was supposed to be done this past weekend so i assume all this was a scam and he just got my music and i made a negotiation with a freeloader.

i would like to get any clue of this person and of course if there is a way to inform such type of abuse to Fiverr and trackdown this person, just to get known that he wasnt that smart he is thinking he is.

what other options can be done when dealing wih gigs based on musical creation and considering it was an improvised theme how are the copyright terms on this material?

thanks for any help you can give me and if can denounce by writing the username directly in the forum i would like to have any clearance for doing it.

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Hi @manonpiano. Welcome to the forum and thank you for asking before posting the name! Few people do that and it can save you from having a post edited or removed by a moderator. I understand why you would want to reveal the name, but no, it is not permitted. You can find out more about the forum rules by reading the forum Do’s and Dont’s which is at the top of the forum. Here is a link for convenience: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/71/fiverr-forum-do039s-don039ts

I’m going to post this for you and let you know that you can complain about the person by name to Customer Support. I will give your situation some thought and may add to this but I wanted to get this posted for you.

I am updating to add that you really need to read those Do’s and Dont’s I linked for you. It is also against the forum rules to make duplicate posts. This post does fit better in Fiverr Stories where I just saw a duplicate, so I will move this one there to replace the one that is now deleted.

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I also stumbled onto a client that tries to take advantage of me.
It’s a shame that we cannot rate buyers, it would be good to tell who is who.
I wrote to the support today, no response yet.
My situation is simple - buyer asked me if I could do a job, I sent him a quote.
After the work was finished I delivered the order. But the client rejected it and requested modification that was not in the first description. I thought ok, maybe he missed a little thing and I prefer to be polite and kind with customers. I did that too with no charge… then he again rejected the order asking for more, and more… it has been more then a week already. He responds to me once in 24 hours and always rejects order. He purchased 2 more gigs with even more requirements, but he didn’t accept the previous one and I don’t want to work with such unresponsible person anymore. I cancelled new order, he refuses to mutually cancel it - so I will get bad statistics now, or maybe not - i don’t know yet.
I think fiverr missed something here. We pay for the bad customers, even though we do the best work possible.
Should I cancel the old order and pay back all he sent me first even though I did all the work? Please, advice what should I do If you dealt with similar thing?
One more thing - he is a top rated buyer, I guess that’s why he can do whatever he wants…

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@ruslancer : im having a buyer who exactly like your buyer. He keep requesting modification everytime i delivered and force me to do more and more. As a seller, i always willing to satisfy my buyer but my how can i do if buyer’s requirement are : i dont like this, o need a modern one . He even doesnt know what he want. Just copy some sample from somewhere and want me to do like that, but when i delivered, he refused. I dont want to waist my time for a gig and for a buyer like that. I think i will cancel the order

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Reply to @dungdung: I cancelled in my case, asked buyer to be fair and cancel it mutually (so my rating is untouched)… and he did in the last moment 🙂 At least I got my peace of mind. In my case it was a new order from the same customer, so it was easy to me to cancel it. I’ve managed to deliver previous one (took me a whole week to satisfy him) and he created new one right away 🙂

I think… If you did a lot, try to solve it, ask CS for help. Since the time you spent has to be paid off.

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