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Hey guys! I have been on Fiverr for over 6 months now. I’m pretty diversified in the services that I offer. However, I have one problem, impressions!

I have done my best trying to improve impressions on certain gigs (two in particular), by adding video, keywords that are relevant, I also have at least 1 review in each such gig. I’ve promoted them on social media as well, yet not much has changed.

I have taken some inputs based on similar successful gigs by TRS and other Level 2 sellers that are acing the related markets, yet I feel little has changed. Sigh!

Need your help folks…

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Your gigs are not live so I can’t see them on your profile and they are not in the Fiverr search engine. If you gigs are not live, you will not get impressions.

Impressions are totally about your gig being relevant to what the customer is looking for.
Clicks are generated by great thumbnails, enticing people to look at your gig.
Conversions are totally about your offer, how competitive it is, and how well you sale you and your service, this is where the video can help.

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