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My Journey on Fiverr as a great SONGWRITER! Here to inspire!


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It has truly been my honor to represent Fiverr in the Songwriter/Music category. Through my experience with fiverr I have entered and won many songwriting contests around the world and I certainly wanted to take the time to express my sincerest gratitude. In addition to being nominated in the “American Songwriting Awards” contest, I have placed finalist in “Song of the Year” contest, held worldwide, for two consecutive years. I owe it all to fiverr!! If I had not discovered Fiverr, I would never have developed a chance to hone my songwriting skills, nor realized how talented I truly was. My feedback and reviews are all excellent and my customer care is exemplified through having a “heart for serving others”. I have been approached for a few radio interviews and even asked to speak to a group of kids about motivation, believing in yourself, and inspiring them to be great. No matter where I venture, I will always mention Fiverr as a great source and foundation to find your gift and place, and give it to the world. I have attached my Song Writing Award/Certificates on my gig page for you guys to see that I am able to thrive and grow through Fiverr’s respective services. And Also a first hand look at me developing a song for a Fiverr Client on my gig page!! Thank you and I look Forward to hearing from you. sincerely, Fiverr user hitsongwriter

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