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New to fiverr and need advice

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I joined Fiverr and created a gig and had 2 potential clients the same day. It was cool for a moment until they asked me to do a gig that was not in my gig description of the services I provide. Not to mention, one of the clients was pushy and it made me feel weird. I kinda felt disconnected from the individual after that. Also, my gig description states staying in contact was important to me in order to have a successful project. So, my question is how do I handle pushy people that want to buy my services? Also, if I only want to offer the services that is described in my gig description, can I decline the request for the services their requesting? Most of all, what do I do about clients that are really vague in describing their requests? I’m always polite and try to ask as many questions to understand the clients needs, but it’s like a slap in my face. Any suggestions would help.


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