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Top 10 Tips To Keep the Client Happy


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Hi Fiverrers,

We are a team of SEO experts who work on 20 active Crorkservice’s gigs. It’s been two years since our first Fiverr gig and we have improved our services a lot since then, growing and developing together with Fiverr team. This journey had been long and difficult; however, we succeeded. Now that we are a Top Rated Seller, we can look back at everything we’ve done and share our experience with all the Fiverr sellers.

All of us are struggling with providing a correct customer’s service. We all know the clientele is very important but, sometimes we underestimate the art of communication.

So, how do we communicate with our clients, and how do we manage different situations?

#1 Rule: Be polite.

All the customers have to be respected and treated kindly. Being called by name is like oil on heart. Words like “thank you”, “gladly”, “all the best”, “dear” are the best way to establish a friendly relationship with the customer. Being polite reputation.

#2 Rule: Reply to everyone.

Daily many orders, comments and questions are received. Sometimes messages seem “silly” and “uninformative” and might not catch attention. In spite of their content, we recommend to answer to ALL the messages. Keep in mind that behind every questions stands a person who needs more information, explanation or attention.

#3 Rule: Reply on time

Answer messages right away, do not leave them on “a little later”. Tomorrow is not a good time to answer. A delayed answer shows ignorance, might be irrelevant, and get the client nervous. Propose the client the best solution for his inquiry right now!

#4 Rule: Show it!

There are situations when the client misunderstood, or missed something. Don’t be lazy to make screenshots for clarity. It’s the case of 10 seconds, with a great outcome.

#5 Rule: Always guide!

When it comes to the instructions and questions about it - we quote. Instructions under each gig are like the “traveler’s guide”; when the clients are lost, the quote form the instruction is the guide to the right road.

#6 Rule: TOS!

It sounds crazy but we reject some clients. We reject to offer services to those who did not follow FIVERR’s terms of use. We consider that rules are GOOD!

#7 Rule: Make it work!

If there is a situation with the order or with the client, try to solve it! Revise your attitude, work and do whatever it takes to make it work, even if it means giving a refund.

#8 Rule: Refund.

A refund can be a way to apologize or to solve a conflict situation. If the customer, gave a negative, contact the client right away and try to find out the reason of his decision. Consult him/her and give solutions. If nothing works then give the refund!

#9 Rule: Don’t give up!

When you’re late in delivering, don’t give up on client, instead contact him/her and explain the situation and why you’re late. You will not believe but customers are people who can understand!

#10 Rule: Bonus!

Loyal clients are gold to us! Like everyone they like to be appreciated; show them your “LOVE”: be generous, and give bonuses. Make him/her feel your attitude!

These are simple rules that help us to deal with daily situations. The tips are purely based on our experience. I know, each of you have been in similar situations, and probably have developed a system that helps to deal with different situations. What’s your advice?

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