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More Analytics - Archived or BEST MONTH stats


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I would love to be able to see past month’s stats. You have a lot of great things listed in the analytics area… but Fiverr is growing and it would be nice to get a little bit more now.

I’d love to be able to see a chart of the last 12 months… or at the very least… show my my BEST month stats. I try to explain making money on Fiverr to others and it would be nice to show them my best success stories… instead of just where I am in this current month.

Again, I really like what you guys do have… but this is certainly an area that could be further developed

Even a pie chart to see easily see which gigs are bringing in the most income would be nice.

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Not that this makes your request any less valid–but if you go to your Revenues tab, you can download your revenues (just money cleared, what you withdrew, all transactions, and there are other choices, not going to list them all here…) month by month in a Excel file and then make a replica of monthly stats from that file.

But yes, it would be cool to be able to click back through the months.

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