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My #1 Tip To You For Success On Fiverr


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Hello there! My name is Max Karlstedt or also known as “MaxTheMarketer” here ^^,

I would like to share my experiences, having been a seller on Fiverr for almost 2 years now and gotten some great economical success, but also something more important I think, namely, good brand-building for my Fiverr-account.

Think about it!

You are not only selling your gigs, you are selling yourself, your account-name, an experience buying and making business with you.

However, since you are not really visible in person (unless you have millions of pictures of yourself in your gigs), the thing most buyers are interacting with, is your account-name, which in your case, would be your “brand”.

Now, you have a choice, as a new member here on Fiverr (as I did 2 years ago):

  1. You create a few gigs trying to make a few quick bucks, build bad reputation for yourself and eventually go out of business here as a result of poor experience people will have of buying from you. I hope you get your a*** banned because you were only thinking of the money! 😉

  2. You create a few gigs with long-term thinking that "if I provide high quality gigs that people enjoy and appreciate, my sales will not only go up but my account-name as a brand will go up in its reputation here at Fiverr and on the world wide web in general!"

    Now THAT second one is the one I chose. Which one will you CHOOSE??

    Okay, without further ado, here are my 3 top tips for making it big-time on Fiverr:

    My #1 Tip To You For Success On Fiverr: Honesty

    This one is the number one tip I would give to someone and involves a couple of things when I say the word “honesty”. First off, always be honest with yourself in terms of your skills you already have and the skills you are still developing.

    We’re all humans, and no one’s perfect and no one can do everything at once or be the best at everything; it just makes simple logical sense, or should we say, common sense? Yes, let’s say it together; it just makes common sense to admit that you are not best at everything here in the world.

    So, if you are creating a gig and you get a gig order that requests something more than you can handle, and you know it, be honest with the buyer and let them now "To be completely honest with you, this is out of my capabilities right now, but what I can do for you is this [describe concretely what]."

    By being honest with what you can and cannot do in your gigs you are offering your buyers, they will not only appreciate it, but also appreciate you as a seller. They will know that you will be honest with them what you can and can’t.

    Therefore, they will most likely come to you in the future when they might think you can help them with something in particular and they will feel confident that you will be honest if you can or cannot help them then.

    When you are being honest with people, they will want to make more business with you because authenticity is rare these days as more people are focusing too much on “just making money” (although it is the main goal of all profitable businesses) and too little focus on “providing high quality value” for their buyers.

    Make sure you are always being HONEST with your buyers and yes, this means you will have to request cancellation for about 10 % of your gigs (based on how many I have had to cancel since I started here).

    I just recently had a woman asking me, “Hey, can you format an eBook looking like this? (see attachment)”. I looked at her attachment and realized, “No, this is out of my league right now in terms of eBook formatting” so I told her, "To be completely honest with you, I cannot do this at this point of time, but I am working on developing my formatting skills so in the future I might be able to do it. However, what I can do is this (see my attachment)…"

    Guess what? SHE LOVED MY HONESTY!!

    She really found it to be professional, refreshing and trustworthy. In the future, when it comes to eBook formatting, she will most likely look me up again and when I say that I can do it for her, she will be very confident that she can trust me and she will buy gigs from me, maybe even lots of gigs since she knows that I am being honest regarding my skills.

    Another thing that recently happened, was that I was doing another project outside of Fiverr and one gig had been ordered with “Extra Fast Time Delivery” and I realized I would not be able to manage it in time so I said to the woman who had ordered it, "To be completely honest with you, due to things outside Fiverr, I will not be able to deliver this in time for you so I want to refund you 100 % and then let you know when I can help you out again. Or if you want to, just let some time go and I will get into this within 1 or 2 days when I am finished with another thing that demands my attention and has an important deadline to not miss."


    Things like this will happen all the time when you are being honest with people and not just trying to send them crappy results because you are so after “only the money”.

    Instead, be so after, “providing high quality value-based results” to your buyers and more of them will show up and stay loyal to you, it’s as simple as that!

    This is also easiest done when you are being HONEST with yourself and your buyers! 🙂


    When you are being honest with yourself and your buyers, you will build a great reputation for your Fiverr-account as a brand and as a possible future business.

    Because when people know that they can trust you, they are more likely to buy more from you, tell their peers about you and what you offer and they just want to interact and do more business with you.

    Very simple question: would you invest tons of money in someone you are not sure whether they can deliver or not or whether they will deliver at all?

    Exactly! You would not invest tons of hard-earned cash in someone you don’t know whether you can trust him/her or not!

    Therefore, ALWAYS BE HONEST with yourself, what gigs you can create and deliver high quality value from and ALWAYS BE HONEST with your buyers so they know when you can and cannot help them.

    Buyers who know when you tell them the fact that, “Hey, to be frankly honest, I cannot do this for you, but I can do this for you, let me know if you would like that!” then they will appreciate your honesty and as a human being.

    So, be more honest here on Fiverr and buyers will follow! 😉

    Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” Karlstedt.

    P.S. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss Fiverr-business with me. I will be honest with what I can and cannot help you with, as usual! 😉

    P.S.S. Oh, I almost forgot xD this is a discussion-thread so feel free to share your own #1 tip you would give to sellers wanting to make it big here on Fiverr!
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