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What if the customer


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… uses the EXTRA FAST OPTION to amount the discussed price??

It happened two or three times , i don’t know how to get out from this!

I need help!

I had more than 1 or 3 episode, where i make a quote to the buyer, and s/he make an order, using the EXTRA FAST option to raise the price to the discussed one…

And it is frustrating, because

1_ extrafast is an option itself… you pay more for the time, not for the work that already has a price

2_ they are foxes… Because they disappear for quite all the time, and you have NO CHOISE if not do it, for LESS MONEY in the LESS TIME ever!!! Or cancel, of course… but this amount of order are 30% of the total revenue…

It is frustrating,

How can i Act in this case?

Please, i need help

Even if i explain the fact that EXTRAFAST is EXTRA money for time and not for the quoted work… i seem to be rude, or just the customer ignore what i say or reply in the end of the time…



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Simple, just tell them that extra fast option is for quick delivery.

Not for the job quoted separately. There is nothing rude in saying that.

If they don’t want to order extras after that then just cancel the order.

You get what you pay for. Some people try to be clever with the sellers.

Some people order my basic gig in multiple quantity instead of ordering the extras.

Because the time stays same for that.

Fortunately I have given enough time per gig to do some bigger projects.

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Reply to @renflowergrapx: I know it is hard to cancel because of that. But if you have enough time to deliver it quickly then it might sound ok. But if not then you have to take out time from your regular routine and deliver it. You’re not supposed to work this way. And if you start doing this often then it can become a habit points finger at myself.

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This has happened to me as well. The buyer even went so far as to say I had lied to him because I wouldn’t stick by the quote I had given him (when obviously my quote didn’t include express delivery, which he believed I should just give him for free). I sent him multiple messages explaining that express delivery had a separate cost and giving him multiple options. I offer a writing gig, so I told him that he could 1) pay more or 2) I would deliver an express order to him with fewer words (basically only as much as he had actually paid for). If you have any way of scaling down your gig, you could do that.

After sending multiple messages, he was still demanding I give him extra for no extra cost. I requested cancellations, and he repeatedly refused them. I contacted customer service, and they cancelled the order for me. I think as long as you stay polite and professional, customer service will take your side against rude and scammy buyers.

It sounds like you’re in a tough position because you don’t want to lose the revenue from the entire order. The buyer is probably counting on that, though. They want to get away with more. For me personally, I know that if I give in once, they’re likely to come back and try again. This makes it not worth the hassle for me.

I hope that you don’t have to deal with any more people like this!

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Fiver is not helpful to new buyers , some of those buyers thus "wing it"

Easy Method to reduce the Fast payment miss clicks :

Custom Order Click here …

Half of your so called “trouble” buyers could just be unskilled at fiver.

The other half could well be scammers or hagglers looking to reduce costs.

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Reply to @mhwoolz: Im glad to read different (“different”) experiences… It happens with different customers, and it’s really frustrating.

I hope that fiverr will plain about add the opportunity to CONFIRM or decline or better “deal” an order, so like a true marketplace we can treat and have the opportunity to have each side the same privileges.


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It was not a feature when I stated it , rather a way to accurately pay the seller with less clicks of the $5 button as nobody wants to sit and count clicks particularly the larger number orders for $300 that means 60 clicks… it struck me as strange that fiver didn’t just allow us the buyer to type in a number… That’s all moot at any rate , the only thing ill be using fiver for these days is getting some voice acting done until my “fiver” cash is gone then I too will no longer be part of this site.

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