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How Fiverr helped to start my own Company


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So here’s a short story about my Fiverr Journey till now.

Before joining Fiverr, I used to order logos for my multiple niche blogs. I never had imagined how fiverr would change my life back then. Being a SEO analyst, I started working here and there for small projects for a small monthly fee. But since it was $5 I didn’t have much idea how much we can make weekly or yearly. Later I thought lets give it a try on Fiverr. I created my first gig. I didn’t make much sales initially then I tried to find what needs to be changed/implemented to my service to make it unique and make it worth more than what buyers will pay for.

There were very few sellers at that time who were selling guaranteed seo service. I implemented few changes in description, added videos, tags etc. In few days I got my first sale. Slowly, the sales increased to 2-3 orders a week. I was satisfied with the order quantity being a new seller. I was a undergrad student. But due to studies I had to pause the services for some time.

I joined B-school for MBA on 2012 and then I didn’t want to depend on my family for my expenses. One of my friend being a Wordpress Expert was making good money from the service he was offering at that time on fiverr. To be honest, he inspired me again to join fiverr and devote more time in it. I activated the gig again, and created another gig. I responded buyers as soon as I could; tried to maintain good positive ratings etc.

For summer internship, I was given work related to digital marketing (promotion). I used to finish it within few hours having good knowledge in that, and later used to work on fiverr orders (as I was more focused in this). Unfortunately the company got to know this and they terminated me. That was the day I was very embarrassed and made my mind that i will never go for a job once I finish my MBA. I opted out from my college placements (i was the only one to opt out from my batch). Luckily my sales on Fiverr increased drastically by the time I finished MBA.

Order quantities increased and I thought it’s the right time to hire right people, train them and start outsourcing the work to them and monitor everything. I registered my company with 3 highly experienced employees. Really friends its an awesome feeling to have your own company. Now I wonder, how getting terminated from the company I was interning at proved to be a turning point. I really thank Fiverr and their support team for being such a big support and shape my life.

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