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What will happen if you try to reach for something day and night? YOU WILL GET IT… Level 1 :D


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After a month being on fiverr, I finally got promoted to Level 1 seller… 😃 To be honest, it was not as easy as I thought it will be… #:-S But during the period I got chance to learn a lot, about “how fiverr works”, “Why people are here in fiverr”, “What they expect”, “How can I make then happy” and so on and so forth… -🙂

There was a week with no orders at all, I tried everything I could but simply nothing ended up in a sales… I almost lose my confidence and some great people here on fiverr forum helped me regain what I lost and gave me inspiration to work even harder… So, am taking this opportunity to thank @vainpaper, @omniversal and @itsyourthing… ^:)^ Thank you very much for all your support and please do keep on motivating and supporting the newbies or those who need help, I will also try my best to help as many as I can… :-bd

Am really glad that I made to “Level 1”, Am hoping to deliver Quality and Customer service at its best… (
) () () () ()

Next stop “Level 2” :)>-

Cheers to all…

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