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Can I get my money back?


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"Doesn’t Fiverr have something in TOS about not rejecting deliveries based on personal taste alone? "

Nice question…

Its like giving not specific info or guidelines, and ask to build a car

after hours/days/weeks (whatever) of work, you have a car but you dont like it.

So, now i don’t mind if you took time to build it, just i dont like it, so gimme my money back.

I think that sometimes there is not respect…I dont know if it is one case of the ones when a customer doesnt give any direction to follow (it happens often to me), but i think that BEFORE to MIND ABOUT MONEY BACK, you should at least MIND ABOUT TALK to your seller, and try to find TOGETHER a nice solution, and maybe you can just give him/her a chance more… As a seller i can say that my first GOAL is to understabd how my customer would be happy, and i try to give him the best

It is not funny work for free, I dont want to be rude Sir, really. But sometimes i need to explain my point of view. Mutual cancellations it’s fine, Asking for revisions is in YOUR RIGHT (from my point i mean) but just watch and see “i dont like”… At least try to mind about the effort of the autor - lol

Really, try to talk to your seller, and good luck for both! =)

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Reply to @renflowergrapx: I totally agree.

I just had to refund an order that I put several hours into because the customer never liked any of my deliveries. She refused to give me examples of designs she liked, and she refused to send more detailed directions. She just kept saying “try something else and I’ll let you know what I think.” Each one was a hit and miss. Instead of compensating me for my time, she requested a refund.

People can be so inconsiderate.

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Reply to @vainpaper: Badly i think there are people that just want to have free work, but it is another topic =D

It happened to me that after talking with a buyer, she wanted to purchase a service.

After ive used to draw (4 hours, but all following the istruction discussed)

She said: oh, no im ok with my old project.

and she asked for cancellation.

I didnt want to complain, but ive just asked her to be more carefull with this, because it affects seller’s rating.

Fortunately all ended in a polite conversation, but it was not funny at all for me…

And after the cancellation i had too a drop of sales… so

Ahhh! That’s fiverr sometimes =)

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