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  1. Hi, everyone and Fiverr CS. I have complained more than two time about the promoted gig that was selected for me. The gig no longer exist in my gig list but you still choose to select it as the one you are promoting. Please rectify this and select any other gig but and not the deleted gig.
  2. That is the point. Higher cancellation rate reduces your ranking and sales on Fiverr.
  3. Am sorry for the late response. I found your contribution very insightful. You have really nailed all the points and I will like to speak with you privately for a business consultation.
  4. I guess he can do only a few. With a GOOD smartphone, you can: write blog postsell eBook (if it still work)Amazon review on products or booksBusiness advise and a couple of others.
  5. @kjblynx is right. Top sellers are handpicked by Fiverr editors.
  6. You are welcome to the platform. It’s pretty simple; There are promotional messages you receive in your email from Fiverr. just read each post from getting started to understanding the full functionality.
  7. My question is, I have explained in my description what I will offer for $5. Still, they keep ordering and each time I tried to explain to them, they response with, 'false advertisement. What can I do? How do i approach the situation?
  8. Lol…! Fiverr only works on the your first response to new messages and not the entire conversation.
  9. Thanks everyone for your comments and i appreciate you all.
  10. Reply to @sara1984: They are all real Sara. I have been working really hard to maintain the standard
  11. Reply to @misscrystal: Thanks sweetheart
  12. Reply to @itsyourthing: Whats wrong? You cannot buy from me for a positive review?
  13. @itsyourthing, am waiting for you to patronize me. I want to connect and be your friend. Order now
  14. Please its not funny. Whatever fault you find, bring my attention to it not laugh.
  15. Reply to @vainpaper: @itsyourthing…Lol! Are you laughing at me or something? You can help too. Don’t be one of those men out here who would never do a thing to help anyone
  16. @vainpaper, you can check my page here Fiverr.com/careerplus and tell me what you observe as well. Lots of impressions without sales. So Pathetic!
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