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Unread messages * solved


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I wonder if someone had my same problem…

In the TO DOs List there were a warn of unread messages,

Clicking on it it always brings you in a page saying "there are no new messages"

So, what’s wrong?

I did take a while to notice it,

but when you open the mailbox, in the left side of the page

There is the voice “ORDERS”(NEW)

If you click there, you can find all the UNREAD MESSAGES that you could have miss

cause of this new way to manage the notifications

I hope i did help someone that , like me, were blind to this!

Wish you the best,


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Reply to @kay2809: Hello! I know there must be a bug, because the button doesnt bring you till the unread messages, but there is no need to refresh, just going in the MAIL BOX, under the voice ORDERs in the left you find the messages.

So i dont find it a bug, but surely im hoping that there will be a button working in the directing step, so we can fastly reply to our customers!

Take care Kay, and thanks for your collaboration!

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Guest jdadvertising

Reply to @renflowergrapx: yesss!! so now no one feels left out. I think Fiverr should at least notify us of the changes they intend to make before making them.

That way we are prepared to deal with them, not just tossed into a pool of confusion 😕

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