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Got really pissed at a buyer who kept ordering but never respond!


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A buyer order a gig($5) the other day, never sent any instructions nor inquires about what he need to do.

He just ordered one gig and disappeared.

I sent him a bunch of messages, and he never replied.

Hence, I had to cancel this order which made my cancellation rate rise from 0% to 5%.

And yesterday, the very same person came and ordered the same gig, 1 basic + 24 delivery. Again without any inquiry first.

This time he left an attachment and said if I need anything just let him know.

I explained to him that this gig does not provide the service he needs (he should order my other gig and price should refer to that one) and also he didn’t ordered enough gig to get this job done.

No surprisingly, as time ticking, it’s 3 hours away from ddl, he again has not replied at all.

I have to cancel again.

I suppose my cancellation rate would rise from 5% to 10%.

Is there any way to prevent such thing from happening???

I feel it’s so unfair to the buyer. :((

If someone is determined to destroy others’ business, he just need to order their gigs and never respond.

The cancellation rate would soar up. The system doesn’t recognize whether it’s the buyer’s fault or the seller’s fault.

But this only results a bad influence on sellers not buyers.

Unless the cancellation wouldn’t do any harm on sellers at all even it’s really high? ( Not quite sure about this. If the cancel rate would not do any harm, then it’s a big relief!)

So unfair!!!

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