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Offering a database project


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Hi I’m Johan and I live in the Netherlands,

Am looking for a database developer

 who can help me.

What I want the simplest part capturing online input:

part 1

  • Name = Variable
  • Phone contact = Var
  • Name = Var #twitteraccount
  • Name = Var facbookaccount
  • Boy / girl = Var

    and the main
  • Registration number !! = Var

    This number comes back later to perform an audit on further input.

    If no problems, right?

    part two

    Because it is a participation registration will come back parts in two events!
  • Competition date = choice between two dates

    part three

    Here selection was made from parts, but the parts have a limitation in the number of participants to 2 or 1 !!!

    For the girls 10 parts are available

    For the boys 13 parts are available

    part four

    Participants boys / girls however allowed up to three (3) components involved !!! (check with registration !!)

    Furthermore, the ponte prospective participant in the tender must have online view availability.

    Who druft this?

  • A time indication
  • What will it cost?

    Implementation in PHP and MySQL

    This contract runs until February 8, 2015 23:59 pm (CET -1)
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