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Another Phishing Warning!



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I signed up for Fiverr today, and within just two hours, I got a message from someone saying they were interested in my service. They mentioned needing my email to make payment. Although it seemed strange, I provided my email because I didn't enter any payment details. Then they said a link would be sent to my email, and I should click on it. The email ended up in my spam folder, and it was obvious something was off. Still, out of curiosity, I clicked on it, and a page similar to a screenshot appeared. I didn't click on anything else. I think they were going to ask for my card details. I didn't click anything on this page. Would they be able to harm my computer or phone just by opening this page?
I also don't understand how it's showing an exact copy of my page.


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Hi @mbeytekinthis is a clear scam, since any communication outside the platform is a violation and can lead to having the account restricted/blocked. I recommend reading our Terms of Service, Community Standards, and Privacy Policy, even though nobody wants to 'waste time' with that, knowing the information would have prevented you from providing your email address. Also, please report this user so that our team can take over and block their account. Good luck 🍀

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