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Fiverr, please loosen the leash on your top sellers!


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I have been a seller on fiverr for 2+ years… and am essentially making much of my living as a top seller, writing corporate bios for most every imaginable career discipline.

as my reputation has gained steam, i am at last beginning to get requests for custom gigs.

going above and beyond the typical price point requires more personal contact with buyers… and yet fiverr still refuses to allow its most trusted sellers to make personal contact with clients via email or phone. this needs to change… i get it: fiverr is afraid that jobs will be taken offline… but for those of us who have worked to build the site into such success, isn’t it time to have a little trust in the high-end sellers that are making the most money for its founders?

please please please, fiverr… with custom orders, you need to introduce a mechanism for personal contact…

thanks for listening!

your faithful servant (who loves fiverr)-


p.s. when a client requests an amendment, that REJECTED tag that appears in the active orders continues to be disheartening. can’t you please change it to AMEND?

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