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The 'Gigs' Versus 'Gig Extras' System


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So I’ve been selling my services as a voice artist on Fiverr for about 4 months now and there is a topic that I can’t actually find any information on, even via Google!!! This elusive topic is - how many gig’s do you sell per gig extra? What I mean is…

Let’s just take my ‘professional voice over’ gig. I charge 100 words per $5 dollars. If people want to buy one of my extra fast options (let’s say it’s 1 day), then they would pay $5 for the gig and $20 for the extra fast option…However, if a buyer was to require, say 3000 words from me, that would be 30 gigs ($150), would I just charge them the $20 to deliver the work in 24 hours, or should I charge them more than this?

I have seen one seller who charges a gig extra per gig, so using my gig as an example again, if we were purchasing an extra fast gig again, then the rates would be as follows:

1 gig ($5) + 1 extra fast ($20) = $25

2 gigs ($10) + 2 extra fast ($40) = $50

3 gigs ($15) + 3 extra fast ($60) = $75

4 gigs ($20) + 4 extra fast ($80) = $100

And so on…

Personally, with my trade, my average sale is $17 per customer according to my analytics page, and I don’t think this would be viable for me, as it’d price my potential customers out of using me. The way I operate at the moment, is a gig extra per 5 gigs, regardless of whether it’s extra fast, music, video sync, so my current rates are as follows (with extra fast again as an example):

1 gig ($5) + 1 extra fast ($20) = $25

2 gigs ($10) + 1 extra fast ($20) = $30

3 gigs ($15) + 1 extra fast ($20) = $35

4 gigs ($20) + 1 extra fast ($20) = $40

5 gigs ($25) + 1 extra fast ($20) = $45

6 gigs ($30) + 2 extra fast ($40) = $70

10 gigs ($50) + 3 extra fast ($60) = $110

15 gigs ($75) + 4 extra fast ($80) = $155

And so on, adding an additional ‘gig extra’ every 5 gigs.

I imagine this is up to each individual seller, but I was just curious if there was a suggested ‘system’ that anyone followed, and generally, I just wondered what rates other people charged. There is no way you can deliver an enormous job in 24 hours for just one extra payment of $20 or whatever. I think my ‘gig extra per 5 gigs’ is a reasonable charge, and I think it’s what I’ll stick with as it’s working for me just fine. In fact, just yesterday, my most popular gig was on Fiverr’s home page which was rather exciting to see!

What do YOU do with you gig extra’s? How should it work?


Thanks my friends


Fiverr Voice Artist - @ alexrigbybishop

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