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How to remove bad feedback

Guest work_er

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Get in touch with the Customer Support and explain them the situation. You can also attach photos of your communication with the buyer as evidence.

Have you contacted the buyer and asked them about the bad feedback? If they haven’t responded to your offer to modify the work or cancel the order, you can contact the Customer Support and they’ll likely help you sort out the problem!

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Guest rahmanarif

You have only one way to remove bad feedback.

just go to resulation center and back money.then your bad feedback easily not showing your profile


If you can contact with


Fiverr Customer Support


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If You are “a social media marketing expert” I suggest You to remove Your gigs and start other ones because what you sell right now have nothing to do with social media marketing and your gigs or your account will be deleted.

What you do right now is against Facebook and Fiverr TOS.

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