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Can Buyers See your How many orders you have?

Guest jdadvertising

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Guest jdadvertising

The reason for this topic is due to another personal experience. I find that when i have the heaviest line up of work in queue, i get the largest amount of orders coming in per day. Some just create orders, others, thankfully have the decency to ask prior to creating.

I always wondered if they can actually see if the seller is backed up.

This led to me checking out other gigs to see if i can indeed tell, and i can.

It then dawned on me as to if some buyers actually check out a Seller’s page properly, or skim right down to the reviews and order section. We can’t blame them all, as some buyers may be so caught up in getting the job done on a deadline, they don’t/can’t pay attention to much rather than creating the order.

Others may see the mere fact that you have a good line up and think, “well, he/she has too be good” and simply add their order as well.

And well obviously there will be those who are turned away by the seller, or even by the number of orders in queue.

~Don’t count it as a loss; it’s better to turn down the order than deliver late/rushed work.~

My question to you is, How do you think Sellers can get Buyers to pay attention to the orders in queue and actually message prior to creating an order? ;))

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Hi there.

As a buyer, it would never have occurred to me to contact a seller before ordering, unless the seller specifically requests it. (I have contacted a seller prior to ordering, as a result of such a request, and the transaction went pretty smoothly.) Otherwise, it looks like I’d be wasting the seller’s time. Some sellers have commented on this very forum that they are frustrated by buyers sending them messages before ordering, in fact. After all, it takes time and effort to respond to messages.

Of course, that presumes that the gig is clearly written and it’s plain to see what is offered and at what price. If a gig isn’t clear and the seller doesn’t specifically request a message, I’d probably just click away to a different seller.

I don’t see any evidence in your flyer gig that you’d want someone to contact you before ordering. Perhaps a line that says “Please send me a message before ordering” would increase the number of buyers who send you a message before ordering. You’d probably want to put it near the top of your description, though, because some of the other sellers on the forum have noticed that many buyers fail to read through the entire description.

As for the “orders in queue” listing, there have been times when I cannot see it. I don’t know if that’s a glitch connected to the browser I’m using at the time, or if Fiverr is trying out a new format, or something else entirely. It’s possible that other buyers and potential buyers have run into the same issue.

Some - possibly most - buyers have absolutely no idea how long it takes you to do your gig. We also have no idea whether Fiverr is your main job or if it is a side-gig you do for an hour in the evenings or on a lunch break. Half a dozen gigs in your queue might be a month’s worth of work or it could be ten minutes, and many buyers would never know the difference.

Short version? Even when they can see it, the “orders in queue” count doesn’t tell a buyer much.

Does that help answer your question?


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This is something I’ve always considered. I think having a high amount of orders in your queue stimulates a sort of ‘pack mentality’ in new buyers. As you rightly said, “If 20 other customers have the bought, I should too”.

The idea of fiverr is that you offer your services at all times. If you don’t want to take on any additional orders due to your hectic schedule, simply activate vacation mode.

Cancelling an order that a buyer places simply to alleviate your schedule isn’t very fair. Understandably, stuff happens, but you should always activate vacation mode in such scenarios. 🙂

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Guest jdadvertising

Reply to @mrproofreading: Oh no no i would never cancel due to overload. What i meant is for those buyers that message asking if you can provide them a service when you are entirely backed up simply but respectfully turn them away. Once you have already taken or been given a job, complete it to the best of your ability.

But that vacation mode is indeed a valuable point.

I however have the horrible issue of being a workaholic! i get my high off of working and getting great reviews.

So it’s easier for me to respectfully decline and deal with that i have in queue; or even ask them if they’re willing to come back at a given date.

Thank you for you comment 🙂

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