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Dropped sales of 100% last month


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Guest itsyourthing

Sales go up and down here all the time, for everyone. Sometimes it’s intentional - Fiverr moves things around in the search results “to give everyone a chance”, sometimes it’s accidental - changes are made to the site systems and that creates problems in other areas of the system.

After having really strong sales for three months, I haven’t gotten any in the past two weeks either.

You should also keep in mind that towards the end and beginning of the year, there’s a big upswing in new sellers - I guess people like to start something new - new sellers always get a boost from Fiverr as encouragement to stay, and that means everyone else slips down a little.

Honestly, it’s nothing to worry about. As long as you don’t know of any specific problems with your gigs, like not displaying properly or the ordering not working correctly, just keep doing what you do and sales will pick up again.

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