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I have create many eye catching logo but no response any buyer

Guest mazedcareer

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Well, first of all, you are not offering professional level logos; that will likely cause buyers to avoid your gigs in favor of other more professional logo artists (with stronger, more varied portfolios). And two, don’t post multiple copies of the same gig. Right now, you have 17 gigs offering the same kind of logo work. Fiverr is likely to delete at least 16 of those gigs.

Each of your gigs should be unique, and offer different services.

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Just some advice:

  • Focus on several gigs instead of tons of gigs
  • Avoid using clip-art like image for the gig thumbnail
  • Ensure the quality of the logo you design in up to standard (or what you say “eye-catching”). Compare the logos you design with some other sellers’, such as Top-rated Sellers’, and you might find that yours are not attractive enough.
  • Elaborate on your gig description
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Fiverr is a business platform where there are many competitors. The quality of our product and branding would distinguish you from many others.I looked at your gig and observed two things

  1. Though your logos are good, but they are not as eye catching as you’d think. Make it more professional. You can try to improve your design by training. You have nothing to lose because as you are open to the globe, you can have many sales with quality product.
  2. You have several gigs for the same thing. Why not do different design and good description of each.

    However, I like your strength. Starting with fiverr could be discouraging at first few weeks even months. But if you are patient and persistent, your sales will rise. Just keep fit. I see that you are less than a week on fiverr. There is still great hope for you.

    I wish you very good and best of lucks. Remain focused.
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I hate to say it but my first reaction was, ‘I wouldn’t pay a dollar for them, never mind a fiver’.

Not saying that to be rude. I know you can be successful because you made the effort to post so many gigs but I think you should look at other peoples gigs who are a success and you will notice they focus on a few gigs and make them as best as they could be before they make more?

Would you rather have one gig that makes you thousands than 100’s that make you nothing?

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Reply to @garycarlyle: I agree with garycarlyle, I am looking for a web page logo and I have been surfing through Fiverr. You logos are not what I would call spectacular, eye-popping, or by American Standards, professional.

Two things jump out at me. First the designs you show all look flat and have a icon look rather than a logo look. Perhaps you should shop your competition and try to duplicate what they are selling, I mean to say you need to add some spark to your artwork to get it to jump off the page at the buyer. Most of the logos I find attractive today are 2-D and have movement, and flair. Take the time to review what the Top-Sellers offer and I think you’ll see what I mean.

A Ford is just a car but a Mustang… that’s a CAR! So much so that Chevy was forced to make a Camaro to stay in the market. That’s my point.

Second, if you have a portfolio you should stack the work into one listing rather than spread it across a handful of listings. You prospect isn’t going to jump around 20 listings to see a collection of your work. They are likely going to look at your single logo sample and close the gig. Then they are off to shop around.

You only get one crack it sometimes and you are not putting your best foot forward here at all.

I apologize for being blunt, I’m over 50 now so I have earned the right to be, I don’t like sounding so harsh but if you can take the criticism you’ll likely grow from it.

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