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A startling truth about "delivering more than you promised" (and how to benefit from it)


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There’s a lot of talk about going the extra mile, delivering more value than you promised, and other such advise on Fiverr. Often this advice is offered to assist in getting 5-star rated reviews; to get tips; to get repeat orders; or just about any objective on might have as a seller.

Likewise, there a number of sellers who get irritated at this advice because it seems…

  • If I’m going to give more with ever order, why not put it in my offer and have a better offer?
  • I already do amazing work for $5, and now I need to do more for the same outcome; or event,
  • Common it’s only a “fiverr”…

    There’s too much to unpack to explore each of these reasons. However, what is important is to talk about the startling truth about “delivering more than you promised”.

    And once you understanding this principle and apply it, you’ll see a huge increase in your orders, tips, & rating.

    Likewise, if you continue to ignore this truth, you will feel frustrated, struggle with with rating and customer perceptions/demand, and finally build up a resentment and contempt towards your customers and even Fiverr that may (if you agree there’s something to such things) act as a “negative attractor” bringing you worse and worse experiences, day-after-day.

    So what’s the truth?

    It’s NOT “more than promise” if it’s “more of the same”.

    For example, there are number of “SEO” link sellers who sell 20 links and deliver 30. That may seem like giving 50% more…

    …but it’s NOT, and here’s why.

    It’s not getting you the benefits of over delivering, because it’s just more of the same.

    People’s natural skepticism will think, OH, s/he does that for everyone because s/he is using it as a strategy.

    What is actually “over delivering” is when you do something that clearly wasn’t required of you and COULDN’T be done “systematically”.

    See the attached example below.


    What you need to know (and may be able to infer) this order was for my Autoresponder Gig, where I help people get the success that only comes though systematic follow up with prospects…

    …not, my autoresponder gig has nothing to do with Website Critiques, didn’t require that I watch a video, and certainly doesn’t ALWAYS (or even regularly) lead to my finding an issue with the customer’s website.

    However, by pointing this out, there is NO question … I care.

    There is NO question … I over delivered.

    There is NO question … The next order is coming. (Did you see how I’m being ASKED to send over an offer?)

    And, what if you don’t find something like this? Then what?

    Understand the same “Law of Attraction” power is working FOR YOU rather than against you…and you’re interactions with others are honest and full of integrity.

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For me at least, this was a great explanation on how to do this. I have tried varying methods for over-delivery in the short few months I’ve been on Fiverr and I’ve had varying results. Some of mine matched your advice and some did not now that I see it described this way. The ones that were clear and showed my interest regularly resulted in return buyers for me. The ones that were vague gave me vague or no results. That seems like it should be obvious now that I look at it that way, but I hadn’t seen it written out. I can use this advice to the advantage of myself and my buyers. Thanks!


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I’ve never over delivered. Ever. Like you pointed out, kind of defeats the purpose.

I simply deliver exactly what I say fast and to the best of my ability. For me, as you hint at, over delivering just makes things seem a little desperate. Or by doing so you try to ensure a good rating on a potential sub standard job.

My strategy has never been to over deliver. Just deliver what I promise and do it well. No gimmicks by way of extra. Just a top notch job.

People tend to be able to see through over delivery. And many see it as making up for a short coming. That’s why it never really works.

The other issue is that if you over deliver… you become expected to over deliver. Get a repeat client and don’t over deliver the second time… they’ll say: "Last time you gave me more!"

Now… I should add. For repeat clients… once in a while I’ll always throw in something extra, a free gig or a few upgrade. That says thank you for being a repeat client. But not all the time, not for everyone… and only to the good clients.

Has it worked for me? Well… Yes. 10000+ completed gigs and not one single negative review. Ever. (Knock on wood). It’s been a good strategy.

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One little thing that has worked incredibly well for me is – when you deliver, include a line about how your service/product will benefit the customer. I often say “…this will get a lot of people interested and excited to click your link.” This little sales push actually gets customers excited, you get better reviews, and more repeat orders.

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