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  1. "These steps can provide valuable insights before engaging with the buyer." Many times difficult types buy from the gig page with no prior contact. The solution is for Fiverr to limit cancellations a buyer can have in terms of numbers and frequency.
  2. I had a couple of buyers recently who went nuts on the first delivery with a big batch of critical nonsense and demanded to cancel. To me that's a form of scamming. Nearly all cancelations over the years have been cranks or scammers. It's extremely rare to get a cancellation from a reasonable person who has a legitimate issue. The new policy of sellers not being able to review cancelling buyers encourages these rouge types while keeping the funds in Fiverr's pocket for longer (cash flow affects valuation.)
  3. The OP title "empower your AI journey" is classic GPT. The problem with most AI created text is not much human effort was put into it. AI didn't get a lot of information, so it creates beautifully written content that doesn't mean much. I'm seeing lots of customers who have very nice AI content that isn't selling. For AI to work, it needs LOTS of information and direction. Use it as a tool, not a substitute for thinking.
  4. You don't necessarily have to do anything wrong. Fiverr is increasingly being managed by software that often doesn't work right.
  5. Like a lot of online businesses, Fiverr's buyers soared during Covid, then gradually cooled until it was down right SLOW the final months of 2023. That was cited as the reason for the stock slide earlier this year. I have noticed a BIG difference in the quality of buyers over the years. When I compare today's buyers with 2013's, there is a vast difference in general intelligence and having a real business. Of course, seller prices have gone up mightily since those days. I give Levi credit for proving writers could earn a full-time living on Fiverr. He started it all for copywriting in 2015.
  6. Looks like another algorithm gone haywire. CS will never admit it's an error, maybe on advice from legal council. The "we looked several times and it's final" is a standard reply.
  7. The 1 and 2 stars mostly come when there are LOTS of orders. It seems to be a probability thing. Somebody on the forum years ago said they got 1 difficult customer in every 20. And there always seems to be 2 difficult customers right around the same time. I've found that to be very true month after month. Anyone with hundreds or over 1,000 reviews will have a collection of negative reviews.
  8. Non-stop 5 stars often has to do with "bedside manner" as much as quality. A pretty/handsome face and buyer reviews written by "feel your pain" GPT will win every time.
  9. Buyers now see a series of faces that go from frown to big smile and must pick one to rate their delivery. Those somehow translate into stars. I'm seeing more customers rate less than all smiles when they were giving 5 stars before. 4 and 4.7 are more common now. I doubt the design team thought about this when they switched to smiley faces for ratings. Or maybe they don't care. Ratings are now, for the first time ever, given directly for the perceived quality of the work and it's value. In the past, buyer's were rating based on ancillary questions (buy again and tell a friend)
  10. This is true. Contact SC and attach the work you delivered. I have done this many times and they have always credited the funds back to my account.
  11. Hopefully you got paid. If not contact SC and attach the work you completed.
  12. That's a good point. NEO seemed a bit clunky and took a few seconds to start displaying results. Buyers may find it frustrating they only see one seller at a time. Then again, I've had customers who say "just tell me one seller you trust who can do this task." That seems to be the type of buyer NEO would appeal to.
  13. NEO just appeared on Fiverr. It lurks in the message area. NEO is AI chat that helps buyers find the services they are looking for. My brief use of NEO only presented one top rated seller at a time. The results were heavily weighted for gigs I had recently viewed. I'm not sure how much buyers will use this. But since it only displays one seller with a search, this could seriously reduce buyers browsing through gigs. Your thoughts?
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