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Not able to withdraw the money from my account.. Somebody please help me


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I am not able to withdraw the money from my fiverr account. Some days ago I got message that your money has been transferred to the paypal account but I didn’t select any method to withdraw money and didn’t attach any account with it. Now my fiverr account is showing zero balance but I neither get any money and nor withdraw it. Now I am also not able to change any settings in my fiver account regarding payment. What should I do? How I’ll get my money?

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Write a ticket on Customer Support site: they are the only ones able to help you!

But I must tell you that if you saw that message, probably someone hacked your account and withdrew your money: in this case you probably can’t have it back.

Hope you can solve this…

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I think Fiverr do this…


step 1- he sends some link for work to you/ or some type of zip files… when u click it - u are redirected to some website which gets your fiverr pass.- your fiver a/c is hacked and u don’ know that.( or may be not) just assuming, may be he can hack in some other way also.

step-2- he knows your fiverr password now- he just watches your funds daily and knows your email address and paypal address from inside of fiverr.

step-3- Now he tries to hack your email address / paypal email also. when these are hacked . he still do not do anything. he just keeps a watch on these…nor change any passwords.

step-4- By seeing your old emails he calculates when u withdraw the money. means at the end of the month or when your figure touches a particular amt. say 500$. Generally we all withdraw every month or every 15 days

or when it near a particular amt…

step-5- He sets his target accordingly. when he has to withdraw the funds- when he will get maximum funds

step-6- one day he changes the paypal email address given in the fiverr… so when the mail comes from the fiverr on your email address its deleted by him/or blocked becasue he knows your email password and he knows your time zone

and time of your working… so when u are sleeping he does that… Now u cannot see the mail which came from fiverr for the change of paypal address- New paypal is activated after 24 hrs only. so he waits for 24 hrs.

step7- As soon as 24hrs passed and he sees that paypal button is now activated -withing seconds he click the paypal button for withdraw the funds. and u get a mail that the amt has been withdrawn. Now at that point u get to know

that. u think i didn’t withdraw that amt so how did the mail came. i thought that the fiverr is daily updating something or other so might they have started some auto withdrawl sytems also.

step-8- After withdrawl again he changes the paypal a/c. email address to the original one ( your email). so u get the mail that paypal is the same which u had the paypal earlier… this confuses you. and till then u

don’t know what happened…

All your hard earned money goes away and nobody helps u in this matter. its a perfect crime.

i have written all this in detail so that the other fiverr sellers should know abt this fraud. Also anybody had faced this type of thing please do let us know… - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/29459/fiverr-account-hacked-and-all-funds-transfered-to-hackers-paypal-ac-/p1#sthash.mTUUIi7o.dpuf

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