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Buyer sent me a Trojan Horse : How to report about it?


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Hello fiverr,

I am working here already for a month and I want to thank fiverr owners for such a great platform.

I am selling my programming skills on fiverr,

and yesterday someone with nickname “fragglesrock” contact me asking for my help.

He sent me some infected *.exe file as attachment.

This exe file scan results : https:FRAGGLESROCK

I didn’t find any report button,

therefore I decided to aware everyone on fiverr:

“Please be careful with attachments!

Think twice before executing them.

Use sandbox and anti viruses.”.

P.S. : I hope that in the future fiverr will add “Report” button , to report about sellers like this and that fragglesrock will be banned.

Thank you!

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In all honesty, you should never download a .exe file from a source you do not know and did not initiate.

I receive viruses all the time from Fiverr. I fix websites, some of which have had issues with hacking etc and contain redirects to malware.

The moral is:

  1. Do not download .exe files unless you know the source and have initiated it. exe files are executable - meaning they initiate something to run on your machine. In most cases, it is an installer for software, in other cases it can be a serious virus.

  2. Do not download .rar files. Anything in a .rar file can be put into a zip. A .rar file is a heavily compressed file/folder. Hackers use the .rar format to send viruses, as the filesize appears to be small, but is actually much larger - throwing you off the scent. A zip file is also a compressor, but is not as heavy, it is also more commonly used. If you are only expecting a handful of files, ask the uploader to send them individually to make sure.

  3. Have an anti virus other than windows defender. AVG and numerous others are free and work well for normal internet usage - there is no excuse. AVG actually rivals a lot of premium software and is rated very highly. I personally use webroot (which is a premium software), but that is because I am a heavy internet user.

  4. Perform a scan at least once a week with Malware Bytes (also free). This tool is great for removing Trojans, Malware and Spyware (spyware can often be picked up from just browsing websites).

  5. Use CCcleaner once a week to clear all of your temporary files, cookies and other unnecessary data stored on your system.

    Hope this info can help some people 🙂
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Guest just4youall


Can anyone help me?

I am on fiverr since 3-4 months. I’ve created many nice and unique gigs. But the problem is my gigs are not visible to much people. Moreover, I am not able to edit my gigs from last 2 days. Whenever i edit it save it shows "gig sucessfully updated"but when i see my gig again in preview it remains as same as it was before. 😦

Can anyone help ?

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