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Is Buyer Requests really Working?


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The Buyer request page seemed to be a great inovation at its inception and for people like us that struggle for orders the dream was to be able to use it. I had to wait for weeks to be able to submit an order (you can’t submit an order unless your rating is at least 95%). I finally had enough rating to check the requests out and I discovered that most requests are just been placed without the buyer going back to check the orders submitted. I came to this conclusion since there are requests that old (some as far back as June) with lots and lots of sellers submitting order and nothing has been done. There are time bound orders that has been there for months (there was one about writting a paper to be done within 36 hours of the request, and the request was dated some time in July).

I believe if this page is to help sellers then there should be a kind of monitoring and an appraisal should also be done from time to time,

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