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Baby Milk products


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We are one of the leading exporter of Baby Milk products and we do not brand these products.We sell exactly as produced we change nothing from the products name and language…

Before you make your order,take your time and read carefully what we have for you below

Nutrilon all stages

Aptamil all stages

Friso all stages

HIPP all stages

SMA all stages

  • The products are packed normally per 6 in a carton box.
  • One pallet has 60 carton boxes
  • One pallet has 360 tins
  • One 20 foot container can have approx. 15000 tins
  • One 40 foot container can have approx. 30000 tins

    Supply Ability:30.000 CANS/MONTH

    For more information on placing an order.Contact us with details below…

    send email to babynahrung.gmbh@web.de

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