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Your orders have slowed down. Now what?


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Step 1: Keep Calm and Carry on.

The first step that people is not to panic. So your orders have slowed down? It’s okay. Turn this time you have into an opportunity to improve your Gigs. Just like owning a home, there is always something that needs to be repaired, updated or even remodeled!

Step 2: Divide and Conquer.

There is always something that can be done to improve your Gigs. Maybe you never had the time to fix something? It’s best to start with your most popular Gig and begin your thorough inspection.

Are your videos months old? Why not take make a new one? Getting repeat questions from buyers prior to ordering? Why not update your Gig description and add clarity? Double check how your Gig description looks to buyers too. Make sure your Gig descriptions are free of grammatical errors and are all well-presented. Readability is key.

Once you’ve updated your videos or Gig description, look into updating your search tags and even lowering your duration date.

Last by not least, update your profile information and your Fiverr profile photo! Your profile should be authentic, well-presented and professional. Some of the key criteria to becoming a Top Rated Seller involves how you and your Gig looks!

Step 3: Research and Rework.

If you haven’t already heard, Fiverr recently launched the Advanced Search Capabilities with 10 sub-categories. Fiverr 3.0 allows buyers to customize their search to suit their particular needs - start by doing your research and catering your Gigs to Fiverr updates! This is one of the key ways to ensure your Gig gets seen by potential buyers.

Fiverr is constantly evolving and so should your Gigs! When you have a break in orders, take the time to educate yourself on all of these updates, exactly how they affect you and your customer base, and do your research! You can tailor your Gigs to these updates by reading Fiverr’s blog, forum, etc. The Fiverr Team is always pushing out tips and tricks (like SEO, search tags, social media marketing, etc.) to help you be a success here on Fiverr.

Step 4: Converse and Convert.

This one sounds a little weird, but once you’ve updated your Gigs and read up on the blogs, it’s now time to get through those messages! Do you have any old buyers you want to thank or just check up on? Or maybe just have some old messages you starred, but forgot to get back to in the last few days or so? Now is the time! Taking the time to check up on an old buyer or a potential new one speaks volumes - you might even get a new order out of it!

After that, head over (here) to the forum and take the time helping and supporting others in the community. Community leadership is another criteria to becoming a Top Rated Seller. Get involved by offering tips, help troubleshoot problems, share your Fiverr stories, and welcome other sellers and buyers with open arms.

Fiverr Team has admitted that they often frequent the forum on a regular basis. Knowing this, it’s best to get invovled when you have the time, so they know you are and others in the community know who you are as well! 🙂

Remember: There is no such thing as wasted time; only wasted opportunity.

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Reply to @technoaholic: If you’re upset, don’t let that show in your work or to your buyers. Take a deep breath, go outside, get some sun and relax for a few 5-10 mins. Sometimes just breaking away is all you need to reset your emotions. Then, once you’re ready utilized the tips I mention and you should be on your way to success.

Best of luck to you! 🙂

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Reply to @technoaholic: That would be Step 3: Research and Rework.

Take the time to educate yourself on all of these updates, exactly how they affect you and your customer base, and do your research (search the forum, search Fiverr’s blog, search online, etc.). Only then will you be able to tailor your tags to your Gigs - knowledge is power!

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Very nice posts. My orders slowed down but not so much, something like from 60 to 40 orders per month. But actually I now make same amount of money even without big number of sales.

I am now in a phase of improving all the 20 gigs I have (similar ones) and also adding some nice extras. So those extras gave me more money with less gigs so it is good. Also, all the images on my gigs were some rubbish screenshot and I hired a slave (my girlfriend) to make cover photos for 20 gigs and that is going to be nice!

The only problematic thing in your post is “research” part. I must say that fiverr currently has not so good search algo. I am not talking about problems with rankings but some obvious algo issues.

If I search for “fishing blog” with some refines I for example get ranked my kitchen blog better than fishing blog, but they are both with same info and extras etc… So it is pretty nonsense.

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m2webs said: The only problematic thing in your post is "research" part. I must say that fiverr currently has not so good search algo.


I'm not talking about search algorithms, at least not what you're thinking of. I'm speaking specifically about Fiverr's search system. If your descriptions have the same information then the issue would be with how Fiverr ranks your Gigs, not how it's searched. This is based on several factors, which does include your Gigs appearance, sought-afterness, etc.


Example: You offer article writing Gig - including some keywords like ghostwriter, content creator, blog article, etc. in your Gig description would be helpful verses just saying "writer" as potential buyers might search alternative words.


I wouldn't keep both Gig the same as far as information goes. One of Fiverr's criteria for sellers to become a TRS is having unique Gigs - play around with your Gigs tags, categories and descriptions a little so they will appear be searched by different types of buyers. Hope that helps! :)

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Yes, you are right in many points but what I say is that fiverr currently has some really irrelevant results when ranking gigs for keywords typed in search.

My primary business is search engine optimization and I can handle google’s hundreds of ranking factors successfully so I just can recognize that fiverrs ranking algo does not work good yet. Intentionally or unintentionally - I do not know!

For other issue you mentioned, I would like to know if you can help me and tell me where I can read more about “uniqueness” of gigs. I know my gigs are the same but I think it must be like that.

My gigs are like:

I will write guest post on fishing blog

I will write guest post on kitchen blog

I will write guest post on fashion blog

How I can do that with a single gig ? If I put something like “I will write guest post on any niche blog” in that case I would rank a lot lower for specific searches like fishing, kitchen etc…

Also, I saw some of my competitors doing the same thing - all the same gigs and they are TRS so I think that is not a problem to become TRS or it is ?

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Reply to @m2webs: I’m afraid your Gigs have bigger issues than differentiation. Just glancing at them, I noticed the titles are a bit too long and not a single one of your Gigs have videos. Gigs with videos generate more sales and carry more weight by Fiverr’s team when it comes to picking, ranking, and promoting them. I would work videos first!

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m2webs said: I do not need videos for more sales as my customers know what I do.


It's not just to create a video to promote what you do - it helps build trust with potential customers as well. Fiverr has released the statistic that Gigs with a video description sell 220% more than those without. Because of that, you should consider a video a requirement.

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A very Good Post here. Pay no attention to those who may find the time to post negative remarks on this piece of information you have been so kind to share with the community. Even though I as well as some others may have already been aware of these tips I an sure there are many who are new to Fiverr who appreciate the time you have taken to make this post.

Keep up the good work girl. (*)


Craig Scott

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