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  1. Thinking about perfectly translating my gig and add it as a pdf to my gig. What would be the most important language if I add one… I think Spanish right?
  2. If you still need holland shoot me a message. No need to pay I just love to be part of this 🙂
  3. I hope you will be doing well. My advice: 1 - Remove your fake profile picture and use your REAL picture. 2 - You’re selling writing services… work on your grammar 😉
  4. Thanks for this excellent share. Already made some changes to my “instructions” fields. =D>
  5. The solution is with paypal. They shouldn’t make it possible to do a chargeback if you order something from fiverr. I think a company like fiverr that processes millions of transactions with fiverr could arrange something with the paypal guys to solve this issue.
  6. Reply to @sahshalee: Here’s where you’re funds are : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/89/The_Subsidised_Mineowner.jpg Wikimedia Uploadhttp://upload.wikimedia.org
  7. In my opinion, Payoneer is a very greedy and immoral company and I try to avoid using it as much as possible. Your fees are ridiculous and they’re only high too make your board of directors FAT CATS, not because you have high service costs, because you don’t. For example: You charge $1 if I check my balance at an ATM. That is so stupid, it won’t cost you a damn cent to give me some info from your database, but you want a freakin buck for it. $5 for an express withdrawal? WTF that much money for just a single digital transaction. I would be okay with that if the transaction was done manually but we al know it’s completely automated. $2 for a standard withdrawal. Yeah sure, you only make us wait 2 days because you want us to pay more for an express payment, after 2 days you push the same button as you would do with express… fat cat tactics right? And I can go on like this because Payoneer made a ridiculous fee for everything you can possibly think of and they are getting richer and richer from hard working people like us everyday. Payoneer would still be a successful company if they would charge only 10 % from what they currently charge. How I know? Because there are other card companies that are offering much lower fees. Damn, here in Holland they don’t even charge you a single cent for the same things you charge huge fees for. Here, I can check my balance as many times as I want, make transactions as many as I want and go on. I only have to pay like $10 a YEAR for their service and they ARE STILL SUCCESSFUL. Payoneer could do the same but they clearly rather MAXIMIZE their earnings and MINIMIZE ours. Fiverr takes their cut from us, 20%, and I have NO PROBLEM with that because they give me sales which I normally wouldn’t have got. But you, payoneer, I hate seeing my hard earned money going through your money machine. I wish fiverr replaces your company soon to one with REASONABLE fees -Jerome http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/89/The_Subsidised_Mineowner.jpg Wikimedia Uploadhttp://upload.wikimedia.org
  8. @timmbbo RESPECT for this post! As my way to thanks I will give you all my gig extra’s for free on any of my gigs 😉
  9. Reply to @rebelnation: You could have asked yourself WHY you got unpleasant experiences. Lots of people are able to make a STABLE income on this “unstable platform” so why didn’t it work out for YOU? Your message in your bio made me laugh… moved to another platform haha… I’m sure you just say that to prank fiverr because YOU failed here and want to but blame on this “unstable platform”. All those copied fiverr platforms are a joke, they don’t get any traffic. Fiverr is the 127th MOST VISITED website in THE WORLD: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/fiverr.com If you are able to get your gig in the top listings on this website, you can make bank. But you gave up, put the blame on this platform instead of yourself… good luck with sales on your other platform 😉 Alexa - Actionable Analytics for the Webhttp://www.alexa.com
  10. I was a manager at a McDonalds in Holland. After 2 months from joining fiverr I was able to do the borat discodance on the counter and walk away from that miserable place 😛
  11. Here’s how I did it: https://www.fiverr.com/heronimus/make-a-custom-3d-logo-intro-that-fits-your-brand Hope it helps you 🙂
  12. I’m also active in the video intro category and I’m currently working on a new gig which should be online in within 2 hours. I will show it to you once it’s ready because it’s a great example and related to your question. In my gig I will offer custom video intro work. I will look at the clients business and design an intro for them based on the type of biz they’re in so it will suit their brand. I could also just put up 20 different video intro gigs and let my clients dig for the right intro themselves but the reason I don’t is because they will all get buried under dozens of other gigs VERY FAST, believe me, i tried. If you’re able to narrow your sales to 1 gig instead of spreading them out over multiple gigs, you will get A LOT more views and A LOT more sales. I will show you what I mean in an hour or 2 once the gig is online. I’m sure it will help you. BTW - DO NOT SELL VIDEOHIVE INTRO’S HERE LIKE 95% IS DOING IN THE VIDEO INTRO CATEGORY, IT’S COMPLETELY IMMORAL, I WILL FIND THEM AND REPORT THEM.
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