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[HELP] No sales yet after several modification


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After several trials, trying to find a perfect niche that people can’t do without or as days goes by, new marketers will keep emerging and needing this same service, I finally made a choice. And since then, I’ve been striving hard to meet up demands of each buyers.

Recently, I had issues delivering 2 orders due to my inactivity, the buyers cancelled their orders which really affects both the gig rating and my overall rating and also got my level 1 badge being removed as a result of the cancelled orders.

The gig rating dropped down to 4.4, my overall rating dropped down from 100% to 87% but after making some sales and gathering some more reviews on another gig, my overall rating increases to 93% and I finally got a level two sellers badge.

Question: Is there anything I could do to get this 4.4 gig back on its feet because it’s not even appearing on fiverr search at all… No sales, Neither views nor clicks since then

https://www.fiverr.com/s/5he2ts, that’s the url of that particular gig

Anyone care to help?

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Based on the category, you probably aren’t seeing your gig in search results because there are lots of gigs similar to this one. I should know because I was browsing through them yesterday night. If you really want to bring attention to this gig, try advertising in Fiverr Gigs section of the forum along with sharing the link to said gig via pinterest, twitter, FB and or Google+.

Just keep at it and don’t give up.

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Reply to @topaz_muse: Thanks for the reply, Based on the category you mentioned, right from time when I created this gig, It has been in the Graphics Design/Business Card Category because the particular gig is based on business card design and I believe there is no other category business card gig can fit in except that.

Moreso, before the incidence occurred, I’ve been on the recommended tab section of the business card category and I can’t do without getting order(s) in a day not until when this issue came up, my gig is now no where to be found.

I’ve always shared my gig the usual way, same audience I always shared to before this issue came up and I still never stopped promotion but nothing no show.

Anyone care to help pls

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