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Buyer wants to cancel after he accepted to deliver!


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after i did what the buyer wanted , and asked him if i can deliver he said yes so i delivred , i was waiting for him to mark the order as completed and then he surprised me with not accepting that and asked for extra work , i refused so he requested cancellation and i refused.

what to do in this case plz ? because he was requesting cancellation again and again.

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Guest hellobman

Reply to @imadou: If you have written proof in a message that he was happy with what you did for him and he wanted the work, save the message and send it to Customer Support.

I’ve had issues with people when I first started Fiverr who liked my work and wanted me to deliver as-is after showing them and then surprised me with a cancellation request. I simply contacted CS and told them my story and proof and they handled it.

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Hi Imadou,

This is a very frustrating situation, and unfortunately people will try to take advantage of you sometimes. I agree that contacting customer support is indeed an option. However, sometimes you may actually be better off cutting your losses, accepting the cancellation/refund, and getting on with things.

As you’ve pointed out, the risk of not accepting a cancellation is that this person may leave a negative review - this could potentially be far worse for you than the financial loss of not getting the payment. And while the Customer Support team here is fantastic, having to ask them to help resolve this issue will also be taking you away from time and energy you could be spending on your other gigs.

Feel free to reach out to me if you ever need advice or just want to vent.

All the best!


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Hi Imadou,

I would report it to customer service. I love the awesome concept of Fiverr and the value it offers, but if we start to turn blind eyes to things they can soon destroy the Fiverr community! There should also be a “review” for customers and there should definitely be a way to report fraud and “theft”.

He agreed to the terms and you delivered now he wants more that is a scenario that is played out day in and day out. If there are no checks and balances then you have anarchy and if Fiverr becomes “EBay” like in nature we are going to lose a lot of gifted and talented sellers!

Fiverr has built this platform and has a responsibility to the buyers and sellers. It is unfortunate that this happened to you but if we don’t nip things like this in the butt asap it will continue to happen.

And if every one takes a “not my issue” approach or “its only five bucks” then this type of thing will continue to happen. Report it, fight it, and let Fiverr know we need them to moderate in situations like these!!!

There is a famous quote that says "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

It may be only 5 bucks, but you earned it at least report it. Not saying stop your life or stop providing your service, but report. This guys account will be noted and if he does it again which he most likely will at least there is proof.



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